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The episode opened with Parker flipping through the TV channels and sad because it is going to be warm for Christmas and she really wants snow for Christmas. Nate heads downstairs to the bar and while there Parker runs up to him to tell him they had a client. Nate tried to tell her they were taking a break and she told him that the client was Santa.

The client turned out to be a mall Santa who lived year round playing Santa and wanted his reputation back. He had been fired by Mr. Dooley the owner of the mall for trumped up reason. The team goes to work and found that Mr. Dooley was on the verge of losing the mall and being bankrupt.

Mr. Dooley had hired a bunch of criminals to be the Santas so they could rob the mall while he was out of the country as an alibi. The team stopped him from leaving the country and while he was in the hospital with some drugs and Santa’s help convinced him to call it off. While talking to the hacker he hired to steal all the credit card info from the mall, the hacker asked for Sophie by name. It was Colin Mason (aka Chaos) and he had already started stealing the CC info.

The team managed to break into the main trunk line for the internet security to stop Chaos from using the stolen information at the mall. However, it also had disabled the connection for the Federal Reserve building and Chaos real goal was that.

Nate felt played and said he had dropped the ball. With some quick thinking the team was able to stop Chaos from stealing the money, and in the process Mr. Dooley found some Christmas spirit. Back at the bar Nate and Sophie gave Hardison, Eliot and Parker each a gift that they loved. Nate gave Sophie a necklace she had been eyeing at the mall and she wrote down her real name and shared it with him.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Nate: We are closed for the holidays Parker
Parker: We have to take this one. It's Santa!

I want flurries for Christmas, make it happen.