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The episode opened with a man meeting with his broker, Mark Vector a former hockey player. When the man accuses him of making trades without his approval Mark beats the man. The man meets with Nate and explained that he would make sure Vector didn’t do the same thing to anyone else.

Vector is also the connection to Damien Moreau which is the other reason that Nate has picked this client to help. Nate and the team decided that a “Vegas Wakeup Call” a.k.a “Cuban Sandwich” con would get him to give him the information they need.

Parker intercepts Vector at the airport and seduces him back to Nate’s place where the team drugged him and made him believe that he had killed Parker. Sophie and Hardison worked to gather audio clips from Vectors normal lawyer so that Nate could be sent in instead. While Nate was working to get Vector to trust him Eliot and Hardison posed as Boston Police went and got Vector’s current immunity offer and gave it to Sophie.

Sophie showed Vector the current offer as proof of who she was and said she would help make the dead body go away if he gave up Moreau. Just as Vector decided to give up Moreau, a sniper opened fire from across the street pinning Nate, Sophie and Vector down.

Vector said to forget it, that he would rather go to jail and managed to escape as the sniper is forced to flee by Hardison activating the fire alarm in the building. Vector made it to the court room and when he took the stand he saw that Parker was in the audience and freaked out. Eliot and Hardison still posing as Boston Police started to restrain him and Eliot whispered a message from Moreau, where upon Vector grabbed Eliot’s gun and Parker tazered him.

Nate went to Vector’s office that was trashed where someone had been searching the office. The Italian woman stepped out of the backroom where Nate confronted her about her part in trying to get the codes from Vector. Nate showed he now had the codes for Moreau’s accounts and said that their deal was off.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Sophie: Do you watch hockey fights, alone, at night, in your room?
Eliot: Yeah, you never know when you have to fight a guy on ice.

Parker: Maybe she is his imaginary Italian friend, like Pinocchio
Eliot: How old are you?