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The episode opened with a man getting arrested for a stolen truck that he claimed was his. The man went to see Nate where he explained that the Truck was purchased from Penzer Automotive as a used car. Hardison found that Penzer was once a race car driver and now dealership owner who appeared to be selling “too good to be true” cars. The team decided to go after Penzer and started it with a race challenge against Penzer that they assured that Nate won.

Nate set himself up as a rival car dealer selling cars at really low rates. Sophie was his top saleswoman who he did not treat properly. Penzer saw an opportunity to steal Sophie and offered her a job. Parker and Hardison worked their way into the local car theft ring by stealing an unstealable car. Sophie convinces Penzer to bring her on board his operation by trading information she had on Nate’s operation and where he got his cars.

Nate came up with a plan to trap Penzer with stolen cars, but Penzer figured it out and moved early and attempted to kill Eliot while stealing the cars he had on a truck as bait. He also tried to send his goons after Parker and Hardison. Penzer kept Sophie in his office at gun point and Nate tried to come free her but got caught as well.

Eliot was able to get away and then rescued Parker and Hardison. Nate and Sophie managed to stall Penzer from leaving the dealership. Just as Penzer walked out the door of the dealership all the alarms from the cars he had stolen from Eliot went off including their theft tracking systems. The cops arrived just in time to arrest him. After they looked further into his business the charges were dropped against the man that Nate and the team was helping.

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Leverage Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Penzer: You want to buy Veronica here?
Nate: Veronica? I thought Betty was the fast one.

That was hotter than Mr Toad's wild ride.