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The episode opened with the girls heading out for the evening and the guys staying in for poker. As Nate went downstairs to get a drink an old contact, Hurley showed up in the bar wanting to say hello to Nate. 


Come to find out Hurley was in trouble and didn’t even know it. The Irish mob wanted him dead for running drugs for the Mexican Cartel, and Hurley didn’t know he was doing either, as he thought he was helping Sister Lupe deliver souvenir to US churches.


With Hardison and Eliot’s help, Nate managed to save Hurley, and point the Mexican’s and the Irish at each other and provide Bonanno with a sizeable bust of both during an apparent drug buy. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Eliot: Yeah, he went to jail, then he escaped.
Shelly: [looks at Bonanno] Shouldn't that bug you?
Bonanno: You get used to it.

Bonanno: What kind of work you in Shelly?
Shelly: If I told you I would have to kill ya
Bonanno: [laughs]right.
Eliot: Yeah, he really would