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The episode opened with a man named Walt Whitman Wellsley coming to Nate for help finding his missing wife. Nate eventually takes the case after Wellsley breaks down in the bar. 


Hardison beginning to look into the missing wife Lacey found that she had collected 2 million dollars, transferred it to another account and disappeared. It appeared that she scammed Wellsley. The team decided to take her down.


Following up on her pattern, the team went to work in the Hamptons working to track Lacey, as they assumed she would be targeting another mark. As it turned out, there was a whole gang of con-artist being led by a woman named Meredith.


Nate convinced Meredith that he was wanted to join up with her by romancing Sophia who was pretending to be a Duchess, while Eliot, Hardison, and Parker tracked down Lacey. When they found Lacey she was in hiding because Meredith had threatened to hurt Wellsley if she spilled the beans.


Figuring out that Nate was in trouble from Lacey’s comment, Parker, Hardison, and Eliot raced to the docs where they got the evidence on Meredith from her camera to stop her cons. Eliot prevented Nate from being shot and Meredith went on the run.  Realizing that Lacey really did love Wellsley, Nate an the team reunited them. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Parker: Let's go steal a sweetheart.
Eliot: Ugh..
Parker: A widow? A spider?

Hardison: They were married less than a month later.
Sophie: See, love at first sight.
Eliot: yeah, she wanted to get hitched before the background check came through.