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The episode opened with two men outside an office arguing over a chip that one of the men invented. The second (John Connell) took the chip. Nate and his team are hired by the first man (Jeffery Thorn) to help get the chip back.

Nate and his team begin working the Con on Connell, including Eliot posing as a security guard who is supposed to keep an eye on Connell’s daughter Molly. While Nate, Sophie, Parker, and Hardison continued to work Connell’s house, Eliot go roped into going with Molly to the carnival that was close by.

Just as Parker got the chip back, Molly was kidnapped by the Russians that Connell had lined up to buy the chip. Nate changed up the game plan and goes after the girl. Eliot took on the muscle while Nate took on the brains.  In short work Nate and his team had Molly back with her father and the chip back to Thorn.  

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Molly: Not many people to talk to these days, except Daria
Eliot: Who's that?
Molly: Our Eastern European Housekeeper. Talk to her is like talking to a.... Eastern European housekeeper.

Eliot: I thought we were supposed to hate the guys we take down
Nate: Not a requirement. A perk..... usually.