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The episode opened with a brother and sister being scammed by a funeral home and going to Nate for help. Nate took the case to help get their father’s money back and stop the funeral home from scamming anyone else.

As Nate and the team began running their con on the funeral home, they found that the director of the home is stealing identities on top of scamming people. Nate changed up the con where He and Hardison appeared to work for a larger funeral service and wanted to bring this small funeral home in.

The director fell for the con saying she needed 100 clean names, Nate provided the name but the person she was selling them to, Javier, arrived early and the director took off. Javier took Hardison for collateral and put him in a coffin and buried him with only a cell phone.

Hardison was to use the phone to arrange the meeting between Nate and Javier, Nate instead used the phone and Hardison to figure out where he was buried and get to him. After a scuffle with Javier where Nate left him the list and Javier ran off, the team got Hardison out of the coffin.

Nate returned the money stolen from the siblings to them and got the funeral director and her two helpers arrested by exposing the fake IDs they were using, and Javier was caught by the Texas highway patrol as he tried to bring cocaine into the country thanks to Hardison’s earbud that had GPS on it.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Parker: Hardison, Hardison! He's losing it Sophie, he needs you.
Sophie: You have spent a disproportionate amount of your life in air ducts; you can control your breathing. He needs you.

Never plan a heist in a building with this many windows