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The episode opened with Nate and the team returning from a job at the Cincinnati airport. Nate noticed a woman who looked distraught and learned that she was an organ courier and had been blackmailed into giving up the heart she was transporting.

The heart was for a 15 year old boy named Joshua in the Cincinnati, this reminded Nate of his dead son Sam and he told the woman he would help her. The team went into action and found the woman’s daughter and the kidnapper in one of the airport restaurants. Eliot and Parker captured the kidnapper and saved the girl. 

With a little creative work Hardison was able to get the database list of people who needed a heart and Nate recognized a CEO named Chesney on the list. Nate and Chesney played cat and mouse with the heart, resulting in Hardison being in the tower alone and having to use a flight simulator game to help give the information to a plane that needed to make a landing. 

Nate was able to help make sure Joshua got his heart. Chesney contact Nate afterwards asking what was going to prevent him from trying again. Nate explained that *he* was going to make sure he didn’t try again and revealed that he was watching him even as they spoke. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Nate: Hardison, can you do something with that? [hands him phone]
Hardison: I can make a phone call. Nate, I don't have my equipment.

I just fought three ex-Brazilian freedom fighters with spears guns *under water*!