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The episode opened with a homeless man stumbling into a college party and then dying. Three of the party boys carried the body to the river and threw it in.

The body was a homeless man who had PTSD, his daughter hired Nate and his team to prove that he hadn’t died in the river.  Nate began working on Travis Zilgram, a psych major that was running experiments for the CIA and a man name Conrad. 

Nate had Hardison infiltrate he Fraternity that Travis was in and Eliot posed as a homeless vet to get inside the experiment area. Just as they were getting enough information Travis and Conrad found out that Eliot and Hardison are working together. 

Travis grabbed Hardison and was holding him when Nate and the rest of the team tricked Travis into revealing he had dirt on Conrad. Conrad agreed to remove his protection and let Travis go to jail. However, Conrad was now aware of Nate and his team. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Nate: You ever been quail hunting Hardison?
Hardison: Do I look like I go quail hunting?
Eliot: Have you ever played a video game where you went quail hunting?

Nate: You want to skip the "behold my genius" part and get to what you found.
Hardison: Alright.