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The episode opened with a man named Hal getting fired from a greeting card company, he went to Nate and the team as he believed that the CEO was embezzling from the company and that was why he was fired, and he wanted to protect the company.

Nate and the team went in as efficiency experts to find that a documentation crew was there documenting the company the week they were being considered for a buyout by a bigger company. Nate decided to use the documentation crew to his advantage.

Eventually bringing the director of the documentation team into the fold Nate and the team found that the HR director was setting up the CEO to take the fall for counterfeiting money, not for embezzling. 

Nate and his team were able to turn the tables on her and save the company, the CEO rehired Hal and was grateful to Nate for saving his family's company.  

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

Hardison: High-five for morale.
Eliot: [raises hand]
Hardison: Gimme my damn soda! [grabs soda]

Nobody throws Hardison off a roof... except maybe me.