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The episode opened with a woman trying to get her grandmothers necklace back from a “Cash for Gold” company who offered her way less than the necklace was worth. When they said it was gone she went to the team where she met with Nate and Hardison.


After showing that the team really needed him, Hardison took point on the job running what he called a 21st century con on the brother and sister who owned the cash for gold business. The con went nearly perfect until the very end when they siblings figured out it was a con. 


Just when Hardison believed all was lost, Nate revealed that he had used Hardison’s con as the distraction needed to steal several days’ worth of gold from the siblings and make it look like they did it as insurance fraud.  

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 16 Quotes

Sophie: What con do you have in mind? The lazy dark son? What?
Hardison: Sophie, we're not going to run one of Nate's 18th century picturesque cons, no. We're going to run a brand new 21st century con and blow their mind.

Nate: How do I get to the uhh.
Hardison: Web Browser?
Nate: Yeah
Hardison: I dunno.