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The story started with an elderly Charles “Charlie” Lawson visiting an old haunt from his younger years only to be harassed by a supposed lawman in regards to something he thinks Charlie has.

Meanwhile, Nate was approached by an old colleague asking for help in finding something he's been obsessed with for years: a missing painting by Van Gogh called “The Painter on the Road to Tarascon” that was believed to have perished in a fire during wartime in the 1940's.

With a mixture of intrigue and the willingness to help out an old co-worker, Nate and his crew set off to figure out what happened to the painting (if it actually exists) and where it might be.

In the process, they went to the hospital to talk with Charlie about his involvement with the painting, but he wouldn't speak to anyone save Parker who he'd taken a shine to.

While Parker spoke with Charlie, the others went outside the hospital to investigate, gathering clues as to the mystery of the lost Van Gogh.

In the end, we find that it was in fact Nate's old colleague, the man who hired him and his team to find the painting.  While Eliot disposed of his goons, Nate confronted Owen, denying him the painting which later he brought to Charlie who decided that donating it to the Boston Museum of Art museum was the best thing to do.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Nate [to Eliot after he plays with the video chat image of Hardison on the screen]: Not a toy.
Eliot: What? Man's telling me to learn technical stuff all the time.
Nate: Well, that'll never happen.

Eliot [on a video chat with Hardison]: Where you at?
Hardison: I'm in a damn storage closet. Smells like moth balls and old people.