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The episode opened a man name Reed Rockwell creating a digital image that would make the man in the picture appears to be drinking it up and partying. The man is a longtime friend of Nate and went to him for help. 

Reed Rockwell specialized in destroying good people’s reputation and had his sights set on Nate’s friend. Nate and the team figured out if they wanted to stop Rockwell they would need to approach it the way they would if they wanted to take down Nate.

Nat and the team came up with the plan to bring Rockwell into the spotlight and then plant incriminating evidence and discredit him so that anything he tried to say about Nate’s friend would not be believed.

In the process of building Rockwell into a hero Nate and the team discovered that Rockwell had been responsible for the death of a fellow high school girl after the prom when the car he was driving (while drunk) had an accident. 

Rockwell had managed to manipulate the situation so that the other guy in the car named PJ, had taken the fall and had been in prison for the last 14 years for it. Using his real guilt over the situation Nate and the team managed to stage another accident and make it look like Rockwell had fled the scene of a crash with a woman he had been stalking (Parker). 

Rockwell went to jail, PJ was set free and Nate’s friend was able to run for city council without worry of fake pictures being leaked. 

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Eliot: How are we supposed to take this guy down?
Nate: The same way we would destroy ME

Sophie: Legal blackmail, it's elegant.
Nate: It's wrong, that is what it is.