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This week’s episode started with an Iraq war vet Jeff Turley having an apparent PTSD (post-traumatic-stress-disorder) episode due to the rainstorm outside his house and nearly shot his own son.
Cal is called in and Jeff is in restraints with his wife Becky and son Jake in the waiting room outside. Cal went in and spoke with Jeff where he learned that Jeff believed someone is trying to kill him. Cal and the team help Jeff recover his memory of what happened in Iraq that his receiving the Silver Star for. Cal believed that the events surrounding that is what caused Jeff’s issue.

When the team began recovering Jeff’s memory of the event in Iraq it came out that Jeff’s Captain had to pull him out of his vehicle. His best friend Ronnie was hurt in the attack when the platoon went through a red door to secure the area. Cal found out that Becky and Ronnie are closer than they really should be and a visit to Ronnie found that Jeff was missing and so was Ronnie’s gun.
Cal and Gillian go to the Captain’s house and warned him that Jeff might be coming to visit only to learn from his body language that Jeff was already there.

Cal and Gillian manage to get into the house and disarm Jeff. Jeff is still convinced the Captain wanted to kill him.

Working with Cal and the team Jeff continued to recover the memory of what happened in Iraq. When Jeff could not remember anymore, Cal had it arranged to reenact the events with the Captain and Ronnie. Going through the reenactment it came to light that the Captain had killed another soldier with friendly fire and then used an airstrike to cover it up. Jeff’s regressed memory was that he knew about it.

Jeff went and visited the grave of the soldier who was killed in the friendly fire event. Cal met him there and they discussed that Jeff was doing much better and had gotten a good night sleep the night before finally.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Ria Torres: If you want my read he's telling the truth. That's the kind of guy I would follow into war.
Gillian Foster: That's because he was flirting with you the entire time.

Cal Lightman: Well, that's the official version.
Ria Torres: You think there is more than one version?
Cal Lightman: There is always more than one version.