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This week’s episode of Lie to me starts in Boston seven years ago with a family getting out of a cab and the cabby tried to kill the father and missed and killed the wife and daughter instead.  We then switch back to modern day where we see Cal Lightman prepping for a trip with his daughter when a car bomb outside his office disrupts the plans completely. Further, Eli was hurt in the blast and stumbled into the office where they patch him up.

As things unfolded we learn that Cal and Gillian both worked at the Pentagon seven years before and that therapy session Cal had with Gillian were recorded and someone has threatened to send them to a man named Jimmy Doyle if Cal does not meet him. On his way to the meeting Cal is intercepted by Jimmy Doyle who explained he did not blow up the car outside Cal’s office.

We find that Cal was involved with the deaths of Jimmy Dolye’s wife and daughter that died seven years before (in the opening scenes). Doyle wanted him to find the true murder of his wife and daughter. Cal, Doyle, and Gillian paid a visit the lawyer who had given Doyle some information, and when they got there the door was rigged to blow when they opened it.

Now having dealt with two bombs, Cal and Gillian went to a White House press conference where they confronted the Deputy in charge of National Terrorism named Prosser. When they interviewed him they find he was the one who ordered the hit on Doyle seven years before that was messed up and killed his wife and daughter instead. 

Cal and Doyle used information from the deputy to setup a meeting with the man who has been doing the bombs and killed Doyle’s wife and daughter.  Working together they catch the man. When it is all over Gillian explained that seven years ago a man came to her and told her if she could not keep Cal from going public bad things would happen to him. She knew he would not let go if she told him so she had kept it to herself to save him.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Go ahead Gillian Say it. Doyle's back, he killed Andrews and I am next.

Cal Lightman

Jimmy Doyle: I didn't kill Andrews, I only followed him.
Cal Lightman: Well then, the person who did it wanted us to think you did.