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The episode opened with Lightman entering an elevator with two other men and the three of them were headed to rob a bank. Just as the robbery started we switched back to 36 hours earlier where Lightman was being grilled by the representative from the book publisher he agreed to write a book for. She told him he had until the end of the quarter to write the book or they would take him to court.

After a discussion with Gillian Lightman went to the bank and while the teller was speaking with the branch manager Lightman saw a suspicious man standing in the camera blind spots and confronted him about robbing the bank. Lightman spooked the guy into leaving and after showing the information on the security camera to the branch manager he took a photo of the man to Detective Wallowski for her help.

Eli split his time between interviewing candidates for an assistant to Lightman and what appeared to be therapy sessions. With Wallowski’s help Lightman continued to work his way into the ring of men that were robbing the bank. He posed as a former employee who wanted vengeance and said he could get the blue prints and combination to the safe for his share.

While the men continued to plan the robbery Lightman has his team look into the first guy he met. It turned out the man did nine months in jail for losing his temper and attacking a home loan officer at the very bank they are going to rob. After speaking to the man’s wife, they found out the bank had made an error and it had caused his family to lose their home.

Lightman successfully worked his way into the group of men; he went with them to the robbery (this is where the episode opened). As the robbery gets ready to happen Lightman speaks to Wallowski who is posing as an employee at the bank. As the men break into the safe there are swat member inside the vault waiting for them and they arrest them.

The man that Lightman first met goes looking for the current home loan official as he still wants to know who cost his family his home. Lightman prevented him from shooting anyone but found it was the branch manager who had made the mistake. The branch manager went to the man’s wife and admitted his mistake and cowardice. He offered to help her regain her house and clear up the back debt.

Lightman hired one of the final two candidates that Eli had narrowed it down too. When Eli attempted to have words with him, Lightman confronted him about the fact he was looking for a new job. Afterwards he headed out to dinner with Wallowski.

Lie to Me
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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Cal: You've frozen my assets.
Gillian: I froze our assets, Cal.
Cal: It's funny because I remember hiring you, but I don't remember marrying you.

Cal: Well even so, I'd call the cops if I were you.
Bank Manager: And tell them what? The "facial tick" guy says we're about to get robbed?