Lie to Me Season Three Premiere: What Did You Think?

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We had been told that the Lightman Group would be “going rogue" in the third season of Lie to Me. As a result, this week’s season premier offered us a look into this new style.

Overall, the episode made up for the dismal offering that was the season finale three weeks ago. Gone was the disjoined and fractured writing. In its place was the new use of slow motion close-ups as flashes of what Lightman sees, along with stable and coherent story telling, even when revealed out of order.

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Also gone was Agent Reynolds. In his place is Detective Sharon Wallowski, a no-nonsense cop who works and thinks a bit like Lightman. Unlike Reynolds - who seemed to question Lightman at every turn, no matter how many times he was proven correct - Wallowski allowed Lightman to take the lead. It was a refreshing and fun change.

I do have to ask the question: Where did this Wallowski come from? The last time we saw her, she had broken into Lightman’s house and he had sprayed her with mace. That Wallowski was nowhere near as accepting or friendly as this one. On second thought, I don’t care. I really like this one and want to keep her.

I was not sure what to think when the producers announced that they were cutting Lightman's ties with the FBI. If this episode is any indication, I am going to like it just fine. Lightman trying to help a man who lost everything when the bank made an error and then went to jail when his temper got the best of him was a very down to earth plot. It really is the type of thing the average viewer could relate to and I can see how using Wallowski made the story more personal than the FBI's inclusion would have been.

I am curious about Eli. Is he in therapy like Ria thinks or is he looking for a new job like Lightman thinks? Given the amount of visible anger we are seeing towards Lightman, either answer could be correct. 

Lastly, we had the addition of a graduate student assistant for Lightman working on his book. As mentioned in July, Shoshannah Stern, who is deaf, playing a character hired to help Lightman finish a book he has been promising his publisher for two years. I really hope that she is able to hold up under the pressure of Lightman and she is not crushed like an egg in a rock slide.

What did you think of the show's return? Sound off now!

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Lie to Me Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Cal: You've frozen my assets.
Gillian: I froze our assets, Cal.
Cal: It's funny because I remember hiring you, but I don't remember marrying you.

Cal: Well even so, I'd call the cops if I were you.
Bank Manager: And tell them what? The "facial tick" guy says we're about to get robbed?