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On this week’s episode of Lights Out...

- Patrick tries to convince his wife that there isn’t a going to be a fight with Reynolds.

- During a family meal at his sister’s diner, a couple of police confront Patrick about the attack on the dentist from last episode.

- After leaving the police station, a reporter named Mike comes upon Patrick and Johnny and tries to get a story about the rematch and his reasons for being at the station.

- Patrick comes home to find his daughter, Daniela, worried and waiting up for him.

- Theresa asks Patrick to explain everything and he tells her about the dentist, but then tells her he wasn’t there. She then comes up with a fake alibi for Patrick.

- After Patrick does a commercial for rugs, he gets a call from his wife telling him that their car has been repossessed. He convinces her that Johnny is handling it.

- Patrick talks to Johnny about the money problems. The IRS is taking most of the money, so Patrick offers to sell up the Landing. Johnny tells him that they can’t and Patrick smashes the model to pieces.

- At Daniela’s soccer practice, the reporter shows up. Patrick knew him in high school and Mike tries to offer his help. Patrick tells him to get lost.

- The police officer that took Patrick to the station shows up and takes him to see Hal Brennan. He tells Patrick to complete another job for him.

- Patrick gets into the ring with his father’s new guy, Omar.

- Daniela is looking up information on pugilistic dementia and confronts Patrick about it.

- The guy from the bakery tries to rob Patrick, but he stops them before they take the special package he’s supposed to deliver.

- Patrick misses his daughter’s ballet recital making an appearance for a councilman’s son’s birthday party. He also delivers the package from Hal Brennan.

- The police show up at Patrick’s home to inform him the charges have been dropped.

- The baker is shot.

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Lights Out Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Patrick: Your mom asleep?
Daniela: Yeah, I think so.
Patrick: How mad was she?
Daniela: A couple of Chardonnays.

Johnny: I told you it was a bad idea.
Patrick: You came to me with this idea.