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"Nothing Sacred" starts off with Victory getting a phone call from Joe.  He wants to take her down to South Beach for some good stone crabs (that's Joe's Stone Crabs for you out-of-staters).  She has no time.  How about some local food?  We also find out she's had to downsize her company to just her assistant and out of her house.

Nico is about to lose Prince Will for the cover of next issue of magazine.  Mike is more than happy to take over PR and call and let her stick to creative things.

Wendy comes into her office.  Expects everyone to be thrilled after the 40 million their crappy Western made.  Everyone is silent.  Turns out her old nanny wrote a nasty book about her and the whole office has seen it.

Back to Victory, turns out her one employee is about to get another job.  Now back to Wendy.  Is she going to sue?  Wendy is now reading the book.

Nico is now meeting with the photographer, Patty, to discuss the Prince Will pictures.  You'll never guess who her assistant is... Kirby Atwood!

Victory, now leaves her house to let her former assistant pack up her things.  The assistant steals Victory's designs!  Victory and the girls then meet up for lunch and discuss Wendy's book problems and Victory's design issues.  A newly insprired Victory heads back to her house and with a glass of wine desperately tries to design.  Failing.

Nico now needs to meet up with Patty to see the pictures.  Send a messenger?  Nah, this Editor in Chief is going to go pick them up in person.  Oh, what's this?  Just Kirby is at the office?  Cue the porno music.

Wendy heads off to confront the nanny.  Meanwhile, trying to get back her old inspiration, Victory is trying to buy the first hat she ever designed.   Some tranny buys it first!  Now we cut over to Kirby and Nico getting it on... with fruit!?  Only Kirby could pull that off.

Back to Wendy at the nanny's.  She confronts her to find out why she did.  She's about to talk and then her "agent," Freddy, shows up in his Vette.  The book's already published.  We quickly cut back to a hilarious Victory stalking the tranny for the hat.  Meanwhile, Nico and Kirby are finished and Kirby is taking pictures of Nico's sexy back.

Now at Wendy's office, her daughter with her, Sal comes into her office to talk about the book.  Who's publishing it?  Janis Lasher!  Apparently, this woman has a grudge against Wendy for rejecting some book of hers. 

Meanwhile, Nico is meeting with Hector about the half nude photos of Prince Will.  The prude tells her she's reckless.Back to Wendy's storyline.  Wendy calls Janis.  You bidding on the book?  Nope, just calling to chit chat?  Click.  A depressed hat-less Victory meets Joe at the park.  They bond over a cute movie reference.

Wendy and Shane are laying in bed discussing the book.  Turns awkward when Wendy finds out the nanny knows about events she wasn't even at.  Shane turns away to go to sleep.  Shady.

The ladies are all at the gym working out.  Victory gets a good phone call from a potential buyer if she gets new designs!  Wendy gets a phone call from her nanny, she didn't want to do it.  Wendy is going to make Shane talk to the nanny.

Meanwhile, the cold relationship that is Nico and her husband talk about the shoot.  Victory, still chasing after her hat, sees it on a little old Jewish woman who she chases to synagogue.

Shane and Wendy arrive at the nanny's.  Shane is hesitant to go in and admits to confiding in the nanny about their problems.  Wendy leaves him there.

Victory calls her assistant to ask where a thread store is.  We cut over to her and see that her new boss loves the designs she stole from Victory.  Ouch.   Nico is looking at the picture of her back on her computer.  Victory shows up to mooch internet and check e-mail.  Shane shows up at Wendy's office.  He promises he only talked to her once about their problems.  Apparently once is enough for a whole book.

Meanwhile, Nico and Victory are talking in the office about Victory's obsession with the hat.  Hector comes in and kicks out Victory.  William signed but Hector is angry Nico went behind his back.  Wendy, meanwhile heads off to confront Janis, fails, and leaves crying.  She's photographed by someone doing so.  Nico, on her way out runs into Hector in the elevator.  He tells her he was looking for replacements, but apparently couldn't find any.  Watch yourself, you're part of a team.

Victory is at her house working when Joe shows up.  He brings the south beach to her!  Oh, and if it couldn't get any better, he has her hat.  Is this guy perfect?

The three ladies are now walking and have coffee.  Not much discussed.  When will Nico tell them about her affair?  We end the show with a shot of Janis looking over the photos of Wendy crying.  Has them sent off to be published.  Bitch!

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Who do we plan on using if Prince Will defects? Queen Latifah?


Joe: Boring, what about dinner?
Victory: In what zip code?
Joe: yours. I'll pick you up around 7, wearing something that comes off easily.
Victory [hangs up]: He's the devil.

Lipstick Jungle Season 1 Episode 2 Music

  Song Artist
Song Give it a Night Bella
Song Passenger Fever Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop
Song Where I Stood Missy Higgins