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"Let it Be" opened with Rodrigo and Victory on a date on a ferry.  Despite how touristy the date was, Victory was loving it until she got a "business" phone call from Joe.  We cut over to Kirby at Nico's trying to plan their own date.  Kirby wants to go out, but as usual, Nico tries to hide from anyone she knows and wants to order in sushi.  At Wendy and Shane's, Sal is over and they're watching an early cut of the John Lennon movie.  When Shane asks to do the score on this film, Sal lets it "slip" that Wendy got him the last job.

Victory and Rodrigo's date heads back to her place and becomes an intense makeout session on the couch.  When Victory invites Rodrigo upstairs, he tells her he has to go home... to his daughter.  Back at Wendy and Shane's we're treated to a little fight.  At the office, Wendy and Nico get to meet the new boss, which is neither Nico or Mike, but an outsider... Griffin.  During the staff meeting, Griffin calls Nico out for an inappropriate spread, which Mike is all too quick to agree with.  Nico takes Griffin aside after the meeting, and Griffin coldy tells her she may have wanted his job, but he got it.  Ouch.

We cut over to Victory and she's meeting with Dahlia who apparently just got her clothes on Gwenyth.  Go Dahlia.  She notices Victory flirting with Rodrigo and tells her she can't be hooking up with the handyman.  That's not helping the image of Victory Ford.   We cut over to Mike and Nico in the elevator where Nico tells him she got wind Griffin is bringing in all new people and going to fire them... she says she's looking for a new job and so should he.  Back at Victory's, Joe shows up with a new designer from Moscow, Tatiana, to look at the shop for ideas.  Victory notices very quickly this is a sad attempt to make her jealous.. but Rodrigo also notices. 

Wendy comes into the office to find out Noah died and when she leaves Josh and Sal follow her out to let her know Griffin has requested a meeting with Sal.  The rumor mill says Noah died of cancer.  Back at Nico's office, she's showing Mike a nasty letter she wrote as an apology for the inappropriate spread.  The email is addressed to Griffin but Nico has no attention of sending it until she rushed out of the office when she hears Noah died.  Mike, alone with the laptop, sends the email.  At the meeting with Sal, Griffin reveals he knows the insurance forms were forged.

At Victory's, Joe's assistant, Ellen, shows up with some paperwork to for Victory to sign.  She asks why he's investing in another designer and she tells him Joe would have rather have invested in one.  Nico and Kirby are venturing outside together when Nico runs into a friend... she introduces Kirby as Wendy's ex-assistant!  Griffin comes to Wendy and tells her insurance isn't covering Noah's death and they'll need to sue his family to cover the loss on the project.

The girls meet over Chinese and try to convince Wendy not to come clean about Noah.  Nico goes into her office to find the email she wrote was leaked on another site.  She goes to tell Griffin who tells her he leaked the email and it's been great publicity.  Guess that was no big deal then.  Victory goes to her shop to hang around with Rodrigo for the inspection.  He tells her there's no need for her to hang around, she doesn't need to be around for this. She asks him on a date and he tells her before they go on any dates, they need to discuss her history with Joe.    He doesn't think she's over him and they take a break.  Wendy comes clean to Griffin about Noah and is fired.  Says she's lucky she's not being sued for insurance fraud.  She tries to call Hector.

Dahlia and Victory go to dinner and there's a man waiting for her at the table... she's been set up on a date!  The guy's family created velcro and the two are being photographed.  Joe and Man Hands (Tatiana) show up.  We cut over to Wendy who's desperately trying to reach Hector.  Victory confronts Joe and tells him she's over him.  Sad.  We go to Nico and Mike who are talking to find out Mike got a new job and that Nico never even applied for one... he's been tricked!

Kirby shows up to Nico's to confront her on her embarrassment of him... and they end up going out to dinner!  Victory and Rodrigo seem to be over their break since they get it on in the store.  Joe, meanwhile, has Tatiana dropped off and he heads to London for himself... has Ellen extend his trip.  I'm sad.  Wendy, Shane, and their daughter go out for Chinese food when Wendy gets a call from Hector's assistant.  He stands by Griffin's decision to fire her.  End of episode.

Lipstick Jungle
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Lipstick Jungle Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Shane: If the director's already looking at choices, what's are the chances?
Sal: Wendy can make it happen, she did before.

I'm not judging, I'm just counting disposable cameras and fannie packs


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Song Breathe Lalah Hathaway
Song Nobody's Baby Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
Song Worrisome Heart Melody Gardot