Costume Party - Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Episode 4
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Linda has trouble conceiving. She is terrified to lose baby Mei Ling. Elena and Bill attempt to help Linda keep her baby.

Isabelle helps Mia with her art.

Lexie brags to her friends about her sex life. Trip gives Moodie advice about how to get Pearl to like him. 

Mia convinces Bebe's boss not to fire her when Bebe is caught stealing. 

Elena discovers that Mia may have been responsible for Bebe showing up at Linda's house uninvited. Mia brainstorms ways to help Bebe raise money.

Mia has nightmares that Linda is trying to take Pearl from her. 

Elena confronts Mia about being distant. Mia pretends she has no idea what Elena is talking about.  

Trip tells Moody to ignore Pearl to make her like him. 

Isabelle visits Mia's house when she's not home to help Mia with her art projects. Isabelle explores the house and goes through Mia's things. 

Elena tells Bill he thinks Mia is up to something. Elena shows up to Mia's job at the Chinese restaurant and sees Bebe and Mia. 

Mia takes random supplies from Elena's house. 

Elena tells Linda that she's found Mei Ling's mother. Linda refuses to meet Bebe face to face. Elena offers to visit Bebe on Linda's behalf. Elena visits Bebe, and offers to pay her $10,000 for the baby. 

Pearl offers to help Trip raise his math grade. Pearl kisses Trip, which leads to them hooking up. Trip leaves right after they hook up. Pearl runs to Elena's house to be comforted. 

Mia convinces Bebe to fight for her daughter, and assures her she will help her get that money. Mia sells a pregnant portrait of herself to raise the money.

When Mia realizes Pearl isn't home, she drives to Elena's house to pick her up.

The story about Mei Ling is covered by the local news.


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You didn’t make good choices. You had good choices. Options that being rich, and white, and entitled gave you.


You know being gay is a very rare thing.