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On the second episode of Lonestar...

The episode opens with Bob and Lindsay in their airport after their Las Vegas wedding adventure. While Lindsay is in the bathroom, a man recognizes Bob. This man calls him Frank, stating that he stole $25,000 from him while tackling Bob to the ground. Bob tells security that he has never even seen this man before.

After getting home from Vegas, Bob and Lindsay meet with her parents to tell them the news. They are upset that they were not included, but are happy for their daughter. At home, Bob tells Lindsay that she deserves to have the real wedding and they should do it over. While doing some wedding planning with her mom, Lindsay realizes that Bob only has a few people on her list. Her mom also thinks its strange about the lack of information she has about her new husbands past.

This causes some curiosity with Lindsay, so she checks out some of Bob’s old stuff at the house. She looks through his yearbook, but is unable to find anything under Bob Allen. She decides to call his old high school to find out some more. The high school leaves a message that Bob hears. He explains to Lindsay that he never stayed in one place long enough to make it into the yearbook and thats why there was no record of him.

Bob meets with his father to discuss the wind farm con. He is adamant about doing things his way and John is skeptical. Bob claims that he has a plan that he’s putting into work. Bob heads to work at Thatcher oil where Clint and Tram are waiting for him to get off the elevator. Clint confronts him about investing one million of his money without consulting him. Bob tells Clint that he is not sure he belongs in a big corporation and maybe it will be better if they part ways. Meanwhile, John is working a con selling a foreclosure over and over in a restaurant.

Cat and Bob are in bed discussing why he up and quit Thatcher. They get a phone call from the jail to come get Drew who was picked up for a DUI. Cat works her powers of persuasion to convince them to let Drew off with a warning. Waiting for Cat, Bob talks with Drew about the wind farm deal and keeps him on board with the idea.

Tram and Clint go to the wind farm site to meet “John Gardner” who is really Bob’s father. Bob and Drew are already there, which causes Clint to get angry. Clint confronts Bob about trying to steal the idea and reap the rewards. Bob stands proudly with Drew claiming that it was Drew’s idea and he deserves to see it through. They talk with Clint about the opportunity who decides to go along with it and keep it in the family. This allows Bob to bring in his father to the company. After speaking with Clint, John argues with his son about why he chose to tell his father in law that his real father was trash.

Lindsay’s sister Gretchen comes to visit to help out with the wedding. Her and Lindsay do not have the greatest past. Bob tries to bond with her while getting ice cream. Lindsay asks her to be her maid of honor. During one of his usual switches of phones and wallets, Bob loses his work phone for his life with Cat. Gretchen finds his phone in the car and calls back the last dialed number - a John Gardner. He answers the phone and calls him son. Gretchen confronts Bob about the man, where Bob explains that he is a work associate who calls everyone son.

After work, Drew and John meet for drinks. After having a few to many, John takes Drew’s key to the office and goes in to review some papers. John then makes a phone call to a mysterious someone to explain that he is taking this con down alone.

Lone Star
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Lone Star Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

The day you became mine. It was the best day of my life.

Bob to Cat

Most people live like they've got forever.