Lone Star Review: "One in Every Family"

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Lonestar was back this week and came fully prepared to reel in some more viewers. We got a little bit more character development, especially with Lindsay and her family, and some run ins with all our leading men.

On "One in Every Family," Bob and Lindsay got back from their Vegas wedding. They decided to hold a real reception to please their family and friends. This allows for Lindsay’s sister, Gretchen, to join us for the hour. I couldn’t help but like her.

Meeting with Trammell

It seems like Lindsay was always the golden child and Gretchen the mess. She is obviously more intuitive than her sister, having suspicions about Bob after only a few days. How long has Lindsay and Bob been together and she never thought that something was up? No one can be that oblivious.

I loved that Gretchen had no worries about who was on phone in the car and didn’t hesitate to call the last number. It should only be a matter of time before she passes on her suspicions to her sister and things quickly unravel. Gretchen is definitely a character I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

I couldn't help feeling nervous having all of the men in the same location. The scene at the wind farm with Clint, Tram, Drew, Bob, and John was filled with testosterone and I was so worried that something was going to go wrong. Although John definitely carries some weight, I’m not sure he could handle a one on one with Clint. Jon Voight is just a force to be reckoned with.

Both father characters are ready to throw someone away for the chance to make more money. Ruthless and masculine - this will make for the perfect father face-off.

Drew Thatcher is on the top of my list of favorite Lone Star characters. He's a charming underdog, not to mention gorgeous. He obviously has his flaws, what with his DUI and all, but he just wants to do well and make his father proud. You could even feel for him when he told Tram that he wasn’t sure Clint would notice if he wasn't around.

My only complaint about tonight’s episode was the lack of screen time for Cat. My initial reaction was that Bob’s story with her family would be much more interesting than his life with Lindsay, and I am still pretty certain that is true. Although this week showcased the Lindsay storyline a little more, it is not as serious as his Dallas life. When Bob’s life with Cat comes crumbling down, it is going to be catastrophic.

So the Internet has been buzzing with rumors that Fox may pull the plug on Lone Star, and I am really hoping that turns out to be false. Before the premiere, the critics were all talking about how great this show is. After the premiere, tons of viewers fell in love with Lone Star, including me. Lets hope that the feeling catches on and Lone Star is here to stay.

One in Every Family Review

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The day you became mine. It was the best day of my life.

Bob to Cat

Most people live like they've got forever.