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  • Bo goes after The Claive for Lachlan. After being captured and escaping, Bo throws a dagger at The Claive and drops her at Lachlan's feet. The Ash thought The Claive was dead, but she was still alive with her second heart.
  • Hale calls a parley between Trick and Lachlan. He accidentally reveals to Lachlan that Trick is the Blood King. They decide they all need to work together to fight The Garuda.
  • Nate wants to move his relationship with Kenzi to the next level and gives her a key. Kenzi realizes that she can't reciprocate due to her living situation with Bo. Kenzi ends up breaking up with Nate and lying to him that she does not love him. She does this despite being told by Trick and Bo that she should go with Nate.
  • Lauren finds out that Nadia's blood reacts to the treatment for Fae's with the African disease. Lauren tries to give her a treatment, but Nadia refuses it.  Later, Nadia attacks Lauren in the shower with a knife and then goes after Bo. After Nadia returns to Lauren's, Bo shows up. They fight and Bo realizes that Nadia is possessed by The Garuda. Bo kills Nadia to protect Lauren. Nadia thanks Bo with her dying breath.
Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Wow. She is good.


The dynamic duo back in action.