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  • The Garuda makes a play for Trick, but Bo, Hale and Ciara are able to protect him against the Berserkers.
  • Dyson returns and says that the Wolf Spirit said he was going to be the one to bring down The Garuda. Lachlan reluctantly believes him at Trick's urging.
  • Dyson, Bo, Ciara, Hale, and Kenzi attack The Garuda's lair. But, they are easily over powered. The Garuda kills Ciara as she protects Bo.
  • Since all The Ash's guards are with Bo, she realizes that Lachlan is unprotected and goes to save him.
  • The Garuda and The Ash fight with The Garuda beheading Lachlan. The Garuda goes after Trick, but is grabbed by the mole into the hole. Trick is safe for now.
  • Bo shows up to see the beheaded Lachlan and loses hope until Lauren tells her that she has some of the Naga's venom.
  • Bo realizes that Kenzi isn't with them and head back to the lair. She finds Kenzi and a barely alive Dyson.
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The message was clear. We go after The Garuda in the morning.