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- Bo and Lauren continue to be hot and heavy in their relationship, but it's not without its downside. Bo is weakened because she has only been with Lauren. She wants to remain monogamous, but is risking her life. She gets injured on the job and Dyson offers to heal her. She agrees as long as it is just physical. Bo then feels guilty about it and tells Dyson that it can't happen again. She then tells Lauren, who is upset, but understands. Bo and Lauren agree that she can feed outside the relationshp, just not with Dyson.


- Kenzi tries to get both Bo and Hale to take time to talk to her, but they both blow her off. After Kenzi messes up an important meeting between Hale and an Ambassador, he has a guard put outside his door. He refuses to let her in when he sees her. Kenzi's arm is getting worse and she wanted them to look at it. She ends up getting grabbed on the ground by some force or creature.


- Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin work on a case together. Bo goes undercover as a doctor to figure out who is causing patients to commit suicide. The deceased all died trying to live out their childhood dream. At first she thinks it's Tabitha, a suicide Fae, but then she ends up a dead mermaid. Dyson goes undercover as a patient, gets hypnotized, and is infected. Bo and Tamsin go to stop him from jumping off a roof. It turns out the Fae causing the deaths was the doctor's cat. Tamsin kills the Fae with iron. Dyson is healed by Bo.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

I am monogamous.


I'm a very, very, bad wolf