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- Bo and Lauren go to the Dal together to find a partner for Bo. They both notice the same blond Fae. While Bo is getting busy in bed, Lauren works on a science experiment and Kenzi looks for a case. Kenzi interrupts Bo to tell her about a case that she found about a goo exploding man.


- Dyson and Tamsin investigate a dead woman. It was the Fae that Bo slept with from the Dal. Lauren lies about knowing the woman and is asked to to the autopsy. The doctor is convinced that Bo didn't kill her, but Bo's not so sure. 


- Bo and Kenzi investigate and tie the goo man to a sex club. After getting a key to the secret area of the club, they find an UnderFae octopus thing caused the problem. When Lauren is taken by one of the guards, Bo goes dark to free her and and Kenzi too.


- Kenzi stirs up trouble for Bo with Lauren and Trick. She also acts weird with everyone making odd comments. She has dinner waiting for Bo and wants her to try it. Bo insists that Kenzi eat some first. She does and Bo realizes she's not Kenzi because her friend is allergic to peanuts. Where is Kenzi?

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Science takes time. Keep calm and carry out experiments.


The secret to any relationship is trust, understanding and compromise.