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After leaving the train, Bo's on her own. Something's physically wrong with her. She finds a cabin. The residents show up and they are there to hide from ghost that haunts their family. Bo tries to help the girl, but when Julia leaves the protections her father put up, she's taken over. It's not a ghost, but a body jumper.

Meanwhile, Dyson and Cleo find that Bo's left the train. They try to track her and end up finding her at the house. Dyson stops Julia before she hurts Bo. Bo figures out that the entity that's targeting the family is going after them because their ancestors killed her and her lover before they were married and then separated them in death.

To protect the family they bury the lovers together and perform a marriage for the two. The spirit is at peace and the family is saved. 

Bo, Dyson and Cleo leave the family behind. Cleo turns on Bo, but gets surprised when she finds out Bo was healed when possessed. Bo knocks out Cleo. Bo and Dyson head home.

Lauren continues to work at the diner. She rebuffs Crystal initially. After Crystal gives Lauren her address, she shows up with beer and pizza. They end up hooking up. When Lauren shows up to work, she finds out someone's been calling asking about Karen. Lauren tells Crystal she's leaving. When Lauren is hitchhiking, Crystal pulls up. Lauren's happy to see her ... until someone grabs her from the back seat.

The Morrigan appears missing an eye. She gets the Druid to replace it. She's happy to hear Bo's gone.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Crystal: I just need some sugar.
Lauren: I can't.

Can you not look at my dad like he's made of hot dogs?