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Bo's back! Bo asks about Lauren, but Dyson doesn't know where she is and believes she's safer away for now. Bo and Dyson end up having sex in the boxing rink. A Gargoyle shows up and the lights turn off and back on. It happens wherever she is. 

Kenzi confesses she kissed Dyson. At first Bo seems upset, but they make up. Bo believes that Kenzi's kiss sealed the deal with Masimo because Kenz would never betray her. They are family.

Tamsin is two weeks old. She's ignorant of her past and acts like a child even though she transitions from a teen to adult body. When she's attacked by Masimo, she reveals her wings. She wants to kill him, but Bo stops her. Bo tells Masimo his deal with Kenzi is over. She realizes he is human and not  druid. She throws the hair in lava. He jumps in after it.

Lauren and Crystal are being kept hostage by the Fae. She believes it's Hale. When she completes a medical test, she shows she's picked the lock on her restraints. The door opens but it's not Hale on the other side.

Bo goes to find the higher order Fae sending the Gargoyles and refuses to comply. They don't want to kill her any more. Her blood has picked a side -- Dark Fae.

Lost Girl
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Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Kenz, since when do you fly solo? I'm back. We're back. Baby got back together like.


Dyson: If you want to unwind later we could....
Bo: Go shopping.
Dyson: Go shopping. Yeah.
Bo: If you're good, you can go in all the stores.
Dyson: If you're good I'll max out your credit cards ... twice.