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In order to save Kenzi from Valhalla, Bo scales a mountain to an eagle's nest where she recovers the second hell shoe. 
After taking a nasty spill during her descent she sucks the chi from and gnashes the nads of some backwoods hunters. 
Tamsin won't say why, but she's doing everything in her power to keep Bo from visiting her home. Even if that means leaving Kenzi there. 
Bo makes the rounds to her framily. They warn her of the risk she's taking, but she intends to save her best friend and prematurely dons the hell shoes. She disappears in a wink of light.  
Once in Valhalla, a posh 5-star hotel, she follows the scent of chocolate to Kenzi. Her bestie isn't being tortured like you'd expect. Kenzi is in a nirvana of cocoa and couture. If it weren't for the mouth breather who calls her once a day you'd think she was in her own personal happy place, especially when she learns she's due to marry Hale! 
Lauren confronts a petulant Tamsin and says she's the only one who hasn't sacrificed something for Team Bo. The Valkyrie hands over her personal diary, which could get her killed, and heads for the home she wished never again to see.
Trick, Lauren and Dyson realize that someone is manipulating Bo. Legend says whoever wears the shoes can collect souls to create a dark army that will end all life. Something, or someone, wants Bo to do just that and bring Hell on Earth. 
Lauren and Dyson decide to break into the gates of Valhalla to reach her. 
Tamsin loses herself in Valhalla and tries to kill Kenzi and Bo before she's snapped out of it. She hates having Bo see her for the kind of monster she is at home. 
Bo and Kenzi express their love for one another and say their goodbyes just before the big walk down the aisle. Before Kenzi can reach him, Hale disappears in a big bolt of light.  Freyja says that Kenzi belongs to Bo's father and there's nothing Bo can do since she no longer holds claim to the human. The succubus realizes this was her father's plan all along and sacrifices herself to fight for her friend. 
Lauren and Dyson are blocked at the gate, Kenzi is returned to her body (buried six feet under) and Bo is now on an elevator headed for daddy dearest. 
Lost Girl
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Here's Taaaammy!


Eat a sack of tits.