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In Hurley's Sideways world, we quickly see that everybody really does love Hugo. He's awarded with a Man of the Year trophy by a museum, due to his incredible contributions around the globe. He's taken Mr. Cluck's worldwide and set up a number of charities.

That's great and all, but his mother just wants him to find a woman. She sets him up on a blind date. But as Hugo is getting stood up, Libby stops by his table. She says they're soulmates. She says they've met before - but then Libby is hauled away by a doctor and Hugo sees that she's a patient at a mental hospital. This forces him into a week-long tailspin that results in Hurley pigging out on a bucket of chicken. Fortunately, Desmond just happens to come across him in a Mr. Cluck's.

He acts like a stranger (which he is, to Hurley), but is able to get the story about Libby out of Hurley. He encourages Hugo to pursue Libby and find out more. From where does she think she knows him? Hurley takes this advice and heads to the mental hospital. It takes a large donation for him to convince the doctor he can visit with Libby, but he soon does and tells her he can't remember anything about her. She says she recently had weird visions of the two of them on an island, post-place crash.

Because she's a voluntary patient, Libby is allowed to leave whenever she wants. She excitedly agrees to a date with Hugo. They end up kissing on the beach and this is where Hurley sees it: visions of him and Libby from the island. He remembers, albeit fuzzily. We then pan back and get a shot of a satisfied Desmond witnessing this scene. He drives off.

ON THE ISLAND, meanwhile, the non-FakeLocke group gets split.

After Ilana blows herself up with dynamte (seriously), Richard takes everyone to the Black Rock to get more so they can destroy the Ajira plane and prevent Locke from leaving. But Hurley is visited by Michael, who says this is a bad idea. (He also later explains the whispers: they emanate from the dead that have sinned and, therefore, "can't move on" like everyone else.) Hurley, therefore, gets to the ship first and blows it up. Richard is pissed. He wants to go to the Dharma village and get some grenades. Miles and Ben go with him. But Frank, Sun and Jack stay with Hurley, whose plan is to actually talk to FakeLocke.

As they head over there, we're taken to Locke's camp. He's intrigued by Sayid's discovery of what was on Widmore's boat: Desmond. He takes Desmond for a walk. He's distrurbed that Desmond isn't scared at all, not even when the pair stand over a well that Locke says people dug themselves because they wanted to understood why their compasses spun in that spot. Locke tells Desmond that Widmore is simply interested in power.

But Desmond is confident and relaxed. Locke is annoyed and confused by this. He pushes Desmond into the well.

Upon returning to his camp, Locke is greeted by Hurley. He gives Hugo his word that there won't be any blood shed, so out comes Jack, Sun and Frank. Jack and FaeLocke lock eyes. Jack looks frightened. FakeLocke has a sly smile on his face. But then we actually go back to the Sideways world.

Desmond is waiting outside Ben's school in his car. When he spots Locke crossing the parking lot in his wheelchair, he floors it - and runs Locke over. The episode ends with Locke on the ground, bleeding, as Ben and teachers around him panic.

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