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Let’s start with a recap of events on the island during seventh episode of Lost’s final season entitled “Recon”

Monster Locke reunites with Sawyer and Jin back at Claire’s camp and has the group that chose to leave the Temple in tow.  Though the group is scared and confused about what happened back at the temple, Monster Locke assures the group that he will make himself available to answer any questions at some point in the future, but that they are safe for now and must keep moving.

Their destination unknown, Sawyer demands answers out of Monster Locke who reveals that the group is headed toward Hydra Island.  There, the emergency landed Ajira Flight 316 plane is sitting and is their ticket off the island.  Monster Locke sends Sawyer on a reconnaissance mission to Hydra Island to see if there are any survivors of the flight left.  Sawyer’s goal is to infiltrate them using any means possible, something that shouldn’t be hard for a liar as skilled as Sawyer.

Upon arriving on the island and finding the plane crash site, Sawyer notices a trail leading off into the woods of what looks as if something were dragged.  He’s appalled to find a pile of dead bodies, but also hears a rustling in the background.  Sawyer manages to tackle the unknown eavesdropper who claims she is the only survivor of the flight and her name is Zoe.  Though Sawyer quickly realizes that he is being lied to, Zoe’s friends come to her rescue and subdue Sawyer at gun point.

Sawyer is led to the dock on Hydra Island and into a submarine to meet with the island’s latest arrival, Charles Widmore.  The two have a quick conversation where Sawyer negotiates a deal to bring Monster Locke to the island under the premise that it is deserted which will allow Widmore and his men to easily kill Monster Locke.  In return, Sawyer simply asks that his group is unharmed and given safe passage off the island, something Widmore quickly agrees to.

Back on the main island, Sawyer tells Monster Locke about his encounter with Widmore and his men as well as the deal he negotiated with Widmore.  When Locke questions why Sawyer would do this, the con man calmly explains that when the group changes their plan of attack on Hydra Island, Widmore’s team will be caught completely off guard.

When Kate questions Sawyer about why he’s running errands for Monster Locke, Sawyer tells her about Widmore, his team and the seemingly inevitable conflict between them and Monster Locke.  This is fine with Sawyer, however, who hopes that the conflict keeps each juggernaut occupied while they slip off the island.


Sawyer’s sideways story starts with a scene very similar to his original cons back in the first season.  After spending the night with the con target, Sawyer suddenly realizes he’s late for a meeting, grabs his brief case which conveniently flies open revealing wads of cash. 

This time, the con target isn’t fooled.  She’s married to a con man and knows this routine.  The joke is on the con target, however, who is only being used by Detective James Ford to get to her con artist husband.  The cops fly into the hotel room, arrest the woman and Ford’s partner, Miles, sarcastically congratulates him on a successful under cover mission.

Back at the station, Miles sets up Ford with a friend of his on a blind date.  He’s instructed to find the red head in the restaurant and she is revealed to be Charlotte who previously passed away on the island in Season 5.  Though the new couple hit things off well and retire to Ford’s apartment, she accidentally discovers a folder containing information of his parent’s killer, Sawyer.  Ford flips out at Charlotte and throws her out of the apartment.

The next day, Ford is confronted by an irate Miles who’s angry about how the date ended as well as that Ford lied about his trip to Palm Springs the weekend before.  Miles ran Ford’s credit card, found purchases in Australia and wants to know why Ford lied to him and what he was doing in Australia.  Clearly caught in a lie, Ford’s only response is that it is none of Miles business.

Later in the flash sideways, Ford makes amends with Miles by showing him the folder and explaining to him what happened to his parents and his plans to find Sawyer and kill him when he does.  Before Miles can talk Ford out of that plan, their car is smashed into by an unknown vehicle being pursued by the police.  The two take off after the fugitive and when she is caught, is revealed to be Kate.


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