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After a universally despised comedy club owner dies, Louie and Robin Williams reminisce about how much everyone hated him, citing the owner’s tendency to constantly invite them to go to a strip club. The two decide to go and, after some prodding, they’re shocked to discover everyone at the club loved him.

We then meet a fat boy in Louie’s oldest daughter’s grade named ‘Never’. His mom needs Louie to watch over him and despite Lilly’s protests and Louie agrees. He quickly finds out Never is the problem child from hell and tries to impart some parental guidance but to no avail.

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Louie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

When he (Barney) died, I felt nothing. I didn't care. But I knew - when I pictured him going in the ground - and nobody's there, he's alone, it gave me nightmares.


So... he was important to you? (pause) I'm pretty sure he was the biggest piece of shit I ever knew.

Louie [after Robin reveals Barney is his ex-wife's brother]