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Teairra and Berg meet to celebrate the new track they've collaborated on. Berg sets the studio up with flowers and alcohol, but Teairra isn't interested in Berg in a romantic way. 

Later, Teairra and Nikki meet up to discuss their current predicaments. Nikki invites Teairra to Las Vegas and the launch of a new strip club her parents are involved with. At the party it is revealed to them that Masika is the face of the new strip club.

Hazel and Masika discuss Hazel's fight with Berg and Masika advises her to truly be done with Berg for good. Soon after Masika and Berg meet up and discuss the record that Berg gave Hazel. Berg no longer wants Hazel to have the record and offers in to Masika instead. They also take a few pictures together to put on Instagram.

At the launch of the strip club, Hazel confronts Masika over the pictures and wonders if the two of them are more than friends. Masika denies they are more than friends but Hazel isn't convinced and accuses her of going after her leftovers. 

Ray J and Princess go out for lunch and discuss his arrest and their future together, with them both agreeing they foresee them being together forever. 

Fizz and Amanda meet for lunch and Fizz tells her that he saw her and the man she cheated on him with in a car together. Fizz decides he'd like to take a break from Amanda and she doesn't fight it. 

Later, he goes to look at a potential house for him and Cameron and invites Moniece along. When Amanda goes to visit Fizz a few days later, looking to reconcile, he informs her that his feelings towards her haven't changed. 

Amanda reaches out to Moniece to let her know she didn't appreciate her looking at houses with Fizz and the two have have an argument that culminates in Moniece slapping Amanda and pulling her hair from across the table. 

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood
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