Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Dissed and Dismissed

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Where do we even begin this week?

Do we start with BFFs Masika and Berg? Or maybe we should just dive right into Amanda and her terrible excuses and complete lack of culpability.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 8 was a pretty good installment that saw some of the people I liked most take a serious step backwards. 

Getting Checked - Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

Masika, what can I say? I wasn't a huge fan at first but you grew on me. We could have been friends. 

I was firmly on Team Masika, but this week I've decided to retire my jersey. We all get that when it comes to Berg, Hazel's judgment is clouded because she wants so badly for him to care about her more than he does. And as her friend, Masika seemed to be supportive of her.

But her confessionals tell a different story.

Apparently she and Berg have been bffs for years. Really? They didn't look particularly close on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 1 Episode 4 when she and Hazel ran into him at that awards show. But then again that was an odd scene, so I'll give them that.

When Masika and Hazel met up to discuss their current situations, Masika told Hazel that she essentially chose her over her friendship with Berg. Hazel was taken aback, just as I was, because who the hell knew they were even friends in the first place? And why would you even say that to someone?

Later Masika and Berg meet up and talk about the track that Berg gave Hazel and now wants to take back. After making fun of Hazel's verse and laughing it up, he offered the track to Masika. Did we know that Masika was a singer? 

She tried to act like she didn't want the track for .5 seconds, but we all knew she was going to take it. And she didn't shy away from sitting on Berg's lap to take a kissy face picture to put up on Instagram.

Now Berg's Instagram is probably on Hazel's home screen, so it was just a matter of time before she saw it and confronted Masika. The confrontation came at the launch party for the strip club Masika is the new face of and I couldn't help but side with Hazel here.

From what we've all seen, Masika has been Hazel's friend. So, how was she supposed to feel when the friend shes been relying on and venting to, shows up in cuddly pictures with the guy she's been crying over? I get that Masika technically did nothing wrong, but her refusal to see how Hazel could be upset didn't sit right with me. 

And it was in that moment I decided me and Masika should part ways. 

But then the episode ended with Nikki and her new bff Teairra staring at Masika's picture, as the new face of the club Nikki's parents are involved with. And we know that when it comes to Nikki and Masika, I won't side with Nikki. Ah, what will I do next week?

While all that was going on, Fizz and Amanda were breaking up and all I could think was THANK GOD. Now he can ask me on date, er, I mean now he can focus on his career. 

After the dinner reservation debacle, Fizz actually saw Amanda and the guy she cheated on him with driving down the street next to him. What are the chances? LA is a big city, isn't it?

When Fizz called her out, Amanda took no responsibility for her actions. She basically blamed it on Fizz being weird and actually had the nerve to act like it wasn't a big deal that she was just casually hanging out with the guy she cheated on him with. And you want to call other people delusional Amanda...

Clearly hurt and confused, Fizz reached out to Moniece to make nice and invited her to come look at a potential new house for him and Cameron. You could tell he almost immediately regretted that decision. Her weird flirty behavior towards him was so weird and off putting. 

They are those people you never knew as couple and every time you see them interact you wonder how in the world they were ever together. 

When Amanda found out they were house hunting, she was pissed but she had no leg to stand on. You can't run around with a guy one day behind your boyfriends back and then act like a jealous girlfriend the next day. 

Amanda invited Moniece out and that chat was doomed from the start. Each time Amanda called Moniece delusional, you could see Moniece get angrier and angrier and after a few minutes she finally just snapped. She reached across that table so fast and had a huge chunk of her hair. 

We could all see that fight coming from a mile away and I wonder how Fizz will react. 

Alright another week down and more drama than ever. I didn't really get into it, but what is up with Berg fawning all over Teairra? That's just to get back at Hazel, right? Was Masika in the wrong with Hazel? And should I start having sushi and macaroni and cheese for my guest when they come over, like Nikki?

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Dissed and Dismissed Review

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