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Lucifer is walking down the Venice promenade in John Travolta's suit from Saturday Night Fever, and his wings are coming up and out. It's the beginning of his vacation to earth, and the last time he visited the look was the height of fashion.

Amenadiel shows up at Lucifer's party to ruin it and take him home to hell. When he's outside a house waiting for Luci to join him, he's shot by a passing thief and loses his necklace.

Amenadiel shows up into Lucifer's party again, this time he changes his clothes and goes to the police. To Chloe, to be exact.

Dan calls Chloe about putting off date night due to catching a body, the very one that Amenadiel's robber killed. Also, Taco Tuesday night is created.

Amenadiel asks Lucifer for help finding his necklace.

Chloe thinks it's strange both guys who were mugged were built like tanks.

Lucifer gets his car when he steals it to help Amenadiel.

Lucifer takes Amenadiel to a porn set to talk to Misty Canyons.

Amenadiel gets himself into a bit of a sticky situation in which he's the window washer in Misty's porn movie.

Misty crumbles when she learns Aiden is dead. She reveals Aiden wouldn't throw his upcoming fight even when offered a lot of money.

Chloe is also at the gym asking questions.

When Lucifer shows up, he gets a strange feeling. It's because he's standing next to Chloe.

Lucifer trains Amenadiel to fight like a human, or essentially pretend he can't fight like God's greatest warrior.

Lucifer is preparing to whack off to High School Hot Tub when Amenadiel walks into the room.

Lucifer releases Maze from hell to torture the fight guy. He didn't kill anyone. He didn't even offer Aiden to throw the fight because someone else placed a huge bet on him before he got the chance.

Chloe is interviewing Charlotte.

Amenadiel is up for his fight. Lucifer steps into the ring, red eyes full of fire.

Since Amenadiel has to throw the fight, Lucifer wants to take the opportunity to prove he's not as different from Lucifer as he claims to be.

Amenadiel rails on him, but finally resigns himself and taps out as Lucifer is trying to break his neck.

Chloe takes a lot of risks, working off her gut instead of waiting for evidence. Dan worries it will keep her from being promoted.

Chloe runs up on Gil the gym owner and discovers only his bag of money.

Lucifer liked Rico's and it became Luxe.

On the beach, Lucifer has Maze cut off his winge. He's smiling with tears in his eyes as he gazes up to the heavens.

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Lucifer Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Amenadiel: It's dangerous for humanity to be exposed to divinity.
Lucifer: Well, then, I wouldn't sit on that couch. I left a lot of divinity there.

Amenadiel: Oh, these poor creatures. They know not what they do.
Lucifer: I beg to differ. Everyone here is well aware that they're doing me.