My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been.

Amenadiel: I admire you.
Chloe: Oh, yeah?
Amenadiel: Yeah. You hit dead-end after dead-end, but you still keep on searching. Doesn’t deter you. In fact, it only drives you to try harder.

Michael: Maybe it wasn’t just the rebellion that was my suggestion. What else? What about your little sexcapade in the garden, or… oh, your vacation here to Earth.
Lucifer: That’s impossible.

Karnal: So, are you still married to that guy Dave?
Lucifer: Dan! [scoffs]

Linda: Maze, you know I’m not going anywhere, right?
Maze: Maybe not on purpose, but you’re gonna drop dead in what? Five years?
Linda: How old do you think I am?

Lucifer: Good news. Linda’s fine, and Maze is, well, Maze. And I figured out how to fix things between us.
Chloe: Oh, how’s that?
Lucifer: Well, you’re going to tell me what to do.
Chloe: Ah. Well, I’m sure that makes sense to someone.

We all have our demons, myself included. But believe me when I say this. I know evil. And you, my friend, are not it.


Michael: I upset you even more back there, didn’t I? When I asked him what he truly feared.
Chloe: Actually, Lucifer, just the opposite. I think it helped me understand.

Linda: I wonder where she is now. How she’s doing.
Maze: She seems good.
Linda: What?!

Lucifer: She dumped you?
Jed: Yeah. Everything was fine, and then all of a sudden, she just called it off.
Lucifer: So, she just changed how she felt about you without any warning?

Chloe: Maze, is that blood?
Maze: Don’t worry about it.

He rebelled against Dad. Almighty God, for God’s sake. Since when do we congratulate a convict for serving a sentence?


Lucifer Quotes

It’s knowing there’s an end. That’s what makes the rest of it count. That’s what connects them to one another. What makes them brave, even when they have no reason to be.


Hello. My name is Lucifer Morningstar and I… love drugs. Love them! Mmm! Yummy, yummy, yummy. Can’t get enough. And… I’ve got lots of money… mmm, that I love spending on drugs. Not even picky. I’ll do any of them. Mix them together sometimes.