My first love was never Eve. It was you, Chloe. It always has been.

This whole investigation’s a complete waste of time. I mean… this isn’t even Los Angeles. And you… you’re not her.

Lucifer: So, what can you tell me about ol’ Dougie-Doug here?
Lee: Not much. Just that he seems like a really scary, powerful guy.
Lucifer: Obviously. He’s got a skinhead and neck tats.

You just seem like a really sad devil guy.


Lux is under new management, which means new rules. No one sells drugs in my place… without me getting a piece of the action.


I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Demon: I’m a demon, and Lord Lucifer sent me to give you a message about the case.
Chloe: Lucifer. How is he?
Demon: He’s the King of Hell, so he’s great.

Chloe: Maze, is that blood?
Maze: Don’t worry about it.

Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.

Drawn to the bad boys for some reason. But you know, for once I’m thinking I deserve a good guy, you know?


Dan: Listen, thank you so much for watching Trixie. It’s just for a little bit.
Trixie: And I’ve been dying to see the baby.
Linda: Yeah, no of course. You know, Charlie’s just so good with children.

When Trixie was born, I tried to be Super Cop, and round up all the criminals I could. Then I realized… removing all the danger in the world is like trying to bottle up the ocean.


Lucifer Quotes

Chloe: I know how fans can get obsessed with their idols.
Lucifer: Yes, and with their boobs. Like after you did Hot Tub High School, Detective.

Cop: Are you trying to bribe me, sir?
Lucifer: Yes, of course.