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Alone on game night, Lucifer tells Trixie the story about his ring.

In 1946, Lucifer visits Lilith, mother of demons ("Lily Rose"), the best chanteuse on the marquee at The Garden Club.

Lilith tells him her ring was stolen and enlists his help in finding it.

Lucifer hires private detective Jack Monroe (played by Chloe in the fantasy) to help him locate the ring.

Bartender Gertie (Linda) tells Jack and Lucifer a Lucky Larry was seen lurking around Lily’s dressing room. They are later jumped by henchmen of Mr. Stompanato (Ella). Stompanato warns them to stop asking questions in his club.

Lucky Larry is killed, last seen getting into it down at the docks with someone named William Kincannon, “Willy the Sausage Prince.”

Jack and Lucifer interrogate Willy (Dan). Willy says he just purchases rare objects from Larry. 

Lucifer and Jack search Larry’s apartment where they find evidence Stompanato may have killed him. They also find Stompanato dead, heart removed and the Eye of Horus drawn on his face.

They meet Melvin the Magnificient (Amenadiel), a fraud. He tells them these details are indicative of the ceremony of Anubis.

Lilith and Lucifer talk about how she sent her children to hell, providing him with an army he didn’t know he needed. They laugh at how humans believe her ring is what makes her immortal.

Lucifer sets a trap and catches Willy.

Both Gertie and Willy learned about the ring from Melvin the Magnificient. Gertie hired Lucky Larry to steal the ring, but he sold it to Stompanato. Stompanato killed Larry for stealing his girl’s ring in the first place. Then Willy killed Stompanato in a real version of Melvin’s fake ceremony of Anubis to make it work.

Gertie wanted the ring to save her dying husband.

Inspired by Gertie's love, Lilith transfers her immortality into her ring, and gives it to Lucifer. Lucifer promises Lilith he will never tell her children of her decision.

After Lucifer finishes the story, Trixie leaves and reports it back to Maze. Maze then tracks down an old Lilith to find out why she abandoned them.

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Lucifer Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

The Devil, solving crime. It’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.


Trixie: Grown-up problems. Not interested. Also, who cares where my mom is?
Lucifer: Well, me for one.
Trixie: It’s game night, and Trixie’s in the house.