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It's derby day at the track. The gamblers with Renzo's mom in tow and Marcus' doctor cheer from the stands as their horse, Mon Gateau, takes first place with jockey Rosie. 

Meanwhile, Ace's grandson Brandon shows up out of the blue claiming Gus sent him a plane ticket to come watch Pint of Plain run. Of course, Mike is behind this trying to maneuver Brandon as a pawn in his plan. Ace confines Brandon to his penthouse and goes with Gus to see about Israel - his body was found at the marina. Shocked, Ace goes about the rest of his day - errands, parole officer - while being tailed by Mike's hitman. Ace and Gus set the hired gun up and Gus takes him out. 

At the track, Ace, Gus, and Escalante gather to watch the Western Derby. Mike, DiRossi, and Cohen are watching from the upstairs boxes. The race is a close one with Pint of Plain winning by a nose in a photo finish. At the end of the race, Branson shows up, forcing Ace and Gus to protect the young man.

Excited about his victory, Escalante brings flowers to Jo in the hospital only to find out that she lost the baby.

Back at the penthouse, Ace and Brandon talk and decide to start mending their relationship.

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Luck Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Mike: I've heard you've had a busy day.
Ace: Nothing I couldn't handle.
Mike: What a gift - the capacity to adapt. Don't you find it all diminished Ace, as time begins to reel us in?

Renzo: What's the story with us?
Marcus: Well, I suspect in the long run, the story is we all go broke!