You want to know how I feel? Today's the day they take it all away from us.


Brandon: How about Gus was stepping out looking to make a peace between us that you're just not ready to make. How's that for a reason?
Ace: How about half smart is worse than f**king stupid?
Brandon: Me you're referring to, or Gus?
Ace: Whatever shoe works!

Ace: You told him he's ready.
Escalante: Your Spanish is muy bueno. Except I told him I'm ready.

Ace: The first thing we're gonna do when we own this place, once a month we give a horse away.
Gus: A horse away?
Ace: I don't know the details - how and what - but we'll have a drawing. Anybody who comes down here can win a horse - theirs. We pay the upkeep. As long as they come out and see it.

Mike: I've heard you've had a busy day.
Ace: Nothing I couldn't handle.
Mike: What a gift - the capacity to adapt. Don't you find it all diminished Ace, as time begins to reel us in?

Renzo: What's the story with us?
Marcus: Well, I suspect in the long run, the story is we all go broke!

Ace: 30 years ago outside a track in New York, I used to buy carrots from you.
Escalante: I don't think I remember you.
Ace: Talked to Charlie Lacey, and he got you going as a groom.
Escalante: Why'd you get me a job?
Ace: Thought maybe you'd be good.
Escalante: What a great trainer, Charlie, and what a lousy gambler.

Or is your silent point you're conveying Gus, that you and me are in some type of limbo till some outside something takes place, which is reasonable grounds to hope for. Is that what I'm supposed to get? 'Cause that I would understand completely. You telling me to just sit tight, let the major players work it out. As grounds for patience and hope.


Ace: So you went bats**t and took him out?
Mike: I choose to believe his email. We've lost him to a spasm of wanderlust.
Ace: You took him out. About which I would feel very different toward you if I wasn't co-responsible. I sent him to you. I put that kid in harms way. I'm as guilty as you for what happened to him, but there's not gonna be any blood over this.

Mike: What's on the disc, Ace?
Ace: Cohen trying to get the Indian gaming lobby into continuing criminal conspiracy to bribe Sacramento to bring casino gambling into the track.
MIke: Sounds like a Rico prosecution to me, Ace.

Leon: The most specialist stuff there is, cause I've tried everything I heard of.

Ronnie: I won the Kentucky derby. Where I've been since...this race coming up is the biggest race of my life. I ain't about to f**k up my own luck ruining things for somebody else.

DiRossi: So now we're out of his move.
Mike: Out of his move, Nick? No. It's Ace with whom we're severing connections. We're businessmen after all, and savage bands are hardly in short supply. We're gonna take over and multiply Ace's plans, bring in slots and table games, put the sport on a sound fiscal basis.
DiRossi: While Bernstein's doing what?
Mike: My thought, Nick, would be nothing at all.

Luck Quotes

Mr. Walter, listen, this guy's got nine more gears!


You think you're the first front in history?

Ace [to Gus]