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Joan makes time to spend with a special friend while Peggy is involved in research for a pitch and Pete gets invited to an exclusive club.

Peggy is conducting field surveys at Burger Chef.

Pete joins the Mile High Club.

Pete asks Don to join them for the Burger Chef meeting and both Lou and Peggy are put off.

Roger is in the steam room at the gym and the competitor Jim Hobart of McCann Erickson makes a pass at him -- by offering him a job.  

Pete wants Don to deliver the Burger Chef pitch. Don is the authority and Peggy is the emotion. She reluctantly agrees, although it wasn't really her decision.

Bob Benson makes an appearance! He wants to see Joan and Kevin, even if that means seeing her mother, as well.

Peggy tells Don she wants him to deliver the Burger Chef pitch and it's all her idea. He's excited enough to toss another idea her way, which she turns down. When she leaves the room, he celebrates.

Megan shows up at the office and one of the secretaries says she didn't know he was married. It's a surprise to Don that she's at the office.

Jim Cutler tells Roger to stop thinking about Don and to start thinking about the company.

Bob Benson gets a call in the middle of the night. His friend Bill tried to fellate an undercover officer and was arrested.

Bill tells Bob he called him because he knows he will understand, intimating that he is of the same type. Bob says he is not. Bill says he will miss Bob when they take the Chevy XP in house. They're going to come to Bob with a great job offer.

When Peggy wakes up in the middle of the night to look at her pitch, it seems like she's thinking about the way Don wanted to do it, from the kid's perspective.

Pete goes to visit his daughter.

Don wakes up and sees Megan out on the balcony. He smiles and goes to see her, wrapping his arms around her.

Peggy calls Stan because she thinks there's a better idea for Burger Chef.

Peggy makes a call to Don to tell him his idea about the kids sucks. She's angry that he spoke up because he poisoned the other idea.

Pete stays at Trudy's and when she gets home he tells her she cannot behave thusly because she's a mother. He thinks she still cares about him. She says they're getting a divorce. He counters that they're still married.

Bob goes to see Joan and Kevin and takes Kevin an erector set.

Don looks at the items Megan is packing and one of them is the newspaper from the day Kennedy was shot.

Megan is looking for her fondue pot. She's taking more things. Don sleeps better when Megan is there. The next time she sees him, she wants them to meet somewhere neutral.

Bonnie doesn't like Pete in New York, and drops the F bomb on him.

Peggy gets angry at Don for not sharing with her his great idea. She wants him to teach her how to be him. The get down to work.

Bob asks Joan to marry him. She tells him he shouldn't be with a woman. He's moving on to Buick and GM expects a certain type of exec. She tells him she'd rather die waiting for love than make an arrangement.

Don and Peggy work on a new idea together, inspiring and confiding in one another. They dance to My Way.

Harry Crane is made partner.

Peggy pitches their new idea to Pete at Burger Chef.





Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Joan: Congratulations. You certainly picked the right place to celebrate.
Bill: You mean New York City or this very spot?

Pete: You know that she's every bit as good as any woman in this business.
Lou: I do.