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A risky venture leads Peggy to a possible new future and Don gets an unexpected letter. 

Liftoff on Apollo 11. It's July 16, 1969.

Ted takes Sunkist on a flight over Dresden. He cuts the engines, telling them they wanted to fly. Sunkist later calls Pete to relay what Ted did and that he wanted to die. Jim wants Ted to call the clients. Ted says he doesn't want to die, but he doesn't want to be in advertising anymore. He wants bought out.

Lou walks in with the news that Commander Cigarettes is dead. Jim is happy people know they're in the tobacco business again. Lou wants to know if they should sell tickets to the Don Draper Dinner Theater. He spent years building his tobacco resume and he's going to crawl out with nothing to show for it. Jim shouts -- they don't him anything. He's a hired hand. 

Sally has a guest. A girl she used to go to school with, Kelly. She has two sons, Sean and Neil. Sean and Sally seem to take a liking to each other.

Harry wonders about being asked to be a partner. Don says just accept the offer and don't haggle.

Peggy arrives home to find Nick, a handyman working in her ceiling. He thinks Julio is her son, and gives her his number -- for odd jobs, of course.

Betty and Kelly talk about their husbands. Nick comes in shirtless and we learn Sally is a lifeguard. She's never worn lipstick to the pool before.

Don gets a letter from the firm about breach of contract. His secretary says she's his strength and kisses him. 

Jim calls Don a bully and a drunk and says he's unimpressed with everything he's seen since her arrived whereas before he joined the firm, he used to quake in his shoes at the thought of going up against the eloquent Don Draper.

Roger's name is on the breach letter. Joan knew about the letter, but didn't tell him. Roger votes against it. Pete is flabbergasted. Joan votes in favor of dumping Don.

Roger is disgusted with Joan, but even though she wants Don out, she tells Jim he shouldn't have done that.

Peggy learns Julio is moving and she cries. He thinks he's moving because his mom doesn't care about him. She assures him the opposite is true.

Don calls Megan. She's sunning herself and is going to go see The Wild Bunch. Don tells her about what happened and he says the firm wants to fire him and they want him to move on. He suggests moving out there and she's quiet. He tells her he'll always take care of her. She'll be fine. Until then, whatever she needs.

Cooper is loyal to his team and his leader, and the two do not meet.

Everyone worries that the astronauts might not make it and they'll have to cancel Burger Chef.

Don, Peggy, Pete and Harry watch man take his first steps on the moon from a hotel room in Indiana. Roger watches with his family. It's July 20, 1969. Armstrong is on the moon. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

Don calls Sally to share the moment, and she mirrors what Sean said -- it cost a lot of money. 

Roger receives a phone call. He goes to the office and removes Bertram's nameplate from the door. Just moments before Bertram was on his couch, seeing man step on the moon, his maid at his side. Jim wants to give Don a sendoff with Bert. Roger is disgusted that Bert's been dead an hour and Jim's already prying his hand open. 

Sally goes outside to smoke. Neil tells her it causes cancer. They look at Polaris in the telescope and she kisses him. She lights up when he is called inside.

Roger calls Don. He lost Bert and now he's going to lose him, too.

Don goes to Peggy. He wants her to give the presentation. He doesn't want to win the business, go and leave her with nothing. If she wins the business, it will be hers. She tries to suggest Don cancel it, but Don refuses. He knows she can do it.

Roger meets with Jim Hobart to ask if Buick left them yet. When he says no, he wants to know Jim's offer. They want the entire Chevy team. Roger, Don, Jim and Ted. Roger counters with the entire firm as an independent subsidiary of McCann. Hobart wants him to bury the hatchet with Ted Shaw because Buick thinks he and Don Draper are one person.

Peggy uses connection of everyone doing the same thing at the same time -- watching the moon landing -- to use for Burger Chef. She steals the show.

Don arrives home and Roger is waiting outside. Bert's situation hasn't changed, but theirs has. He wants a drink.

Don wants to do his job, not deal with business anymore. Cutler's not going to stop until everyone is out. Roger walks out.

Jim wants to start with a poem for Bert -- Oh Captain, My Captain. That's not the business Roger wants to discuss. Joan learns that her shares would be worth $1.5 million. 

Don tries to sell Ted on creative. When he's in, even Jim raises his hand. It's a lot of money.

They won Burger Chef.

Don leaves the meeting before it starts and is treated to a goodbye vision of Bert singing The Best Things in Life are Free. It was a very close call.



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