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Joan meets with a new client for drinks, Peggy is impressed by someone's new work, and Roger gets a strange phone call. 

Fred Rumsen presents a commercial proposition to Peggy for Accutron. She loves it, but wants to change the tag line.

Roger gets a phone call at home from his daughter where he's naked, on the floor and apparently just coming out of an orgy.

Lou Avery is the new man in charge and struggles to be hip.

Ken is Head of Marketing with no underlings. He fires two just as Joan approaches with Avon. He's taking all the calls from everyone everywhere and he's going crazy.

Lou doesn't like Peggy's choice for Accutron and they're obviously butting heads.

Cue The Spencer Davis Group "I'm A Man" with Don Draper disembarking a plane, taking the moving walkway through the airport and meeting Megan outside leaning in for a slow-motion kiss. Don opens the door for Megan in her new car, but she's driving. She can't move the seat.

Ted arrives back in the office and Peggy immediately draws the curtains.

Don and Megan have dinner with her agent who loves her and wants to put Don at ease since they're spending so much time together. Don't not worried.

Butler Footwear's new Director of Marketing wants to bring all of their advertising in house. That's the dinner Ken didn't want to go to so Joan tries to save the account for a few days.

Megan bought a house in the canyon. There are coyotes howling. Megan is kind of drunk and there isn't any love for Don on his first night home. Megan asks him not to flick cigarettes off the balcony because people can tell where the fires start.

Peggy calls on Stan for coffee when she runs into Ted in the kitchen at Sterling. Everyone says they thought Ted would be tan.

Pete meets Don for breakfast. He's tan. He's embracing the California life and preparin to buy a new home.

Joan is asking a nearby professor for help with the Butler Footwear program. He wants to do business on trade. She thinks he means her body. He wants information on advertising.

Don orders a new television for the canyon house and she's worried that everyone she knows will will think badly of her because they're starving.

Peggy is apparently a working as a super in her building.

Megan has no desire for Don. She tells him she's nervous. About everything. He says to talk to him. He has a strange way of listening.

Megan and Don are better by morning and sad about leaving each other again, but he has to get back to work.

Margaret meets with Roger for breakfast and tells him she forgives him. ALL of his transgressions. She sounds rather religious but assures him it's not that. He's confused.

Don is seated next to a lovely woman (Neve Campbell) on the flight home.

Roger arrives home to find his girlfriend already in there with another man. He just wants to get some sleep.

Don discovers the woman on the plane was in California to scatter her husband's ashes. He wanted to be on Pebble Beach, but he ended up on Tom Sawyer island. He died of alcoholism. Don inappropriately touches her face as she prepares to sleep. They wake up with her head on his shoulder.

Peggy tries to get Lou to change his mind about the original idea, but she fails. He tells her he's immune to her charms.

Joan finds out Mr. Butler is coming in to see Ken and she calls Mr. Barnes to talk about his in-house advertising agency. She knows exactly what to do to get him interested and saves the account for the time being. He still wants a meeting with Ken.

Don watches Nixon's inaugural address. Fred Rumsen is Don Draper. That's how he's staying in the business. He's still being paid but keeping his feet wet by doing business through Fred.

Peggy goes home to her lonely apartment hoping not to be alone, and breaks down in tears on the floor when she is. Don is alone at home and goes out on his balcony in the cold in his underwear, shivering as strains of Vanilla Fudge "Set Me Free" play. 


Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 1 Quotes

Ken: How many accounts do I have?
Joan: Well, it's all of them.
Ken: It feels like more.

You really put the free in freelancer, don't you?