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Pete figures out the politics of a new business while Joan is put in an awkward position. 

Don is heading toward rock bottom. 

One of Sally's school mates mom dies and she and her friends talk about going to the funeral.

Pete and Bonnie come home to a darkened office and screw on his desk. Ted walks through the room.

Peggy is reminded it's Valentine's Day, takes Shirley's flowers thinking they are for her and before she can get an explanation, she makes the assumption they're from Ted and shuffles Shirley out the door.

Roger arrives at work making flamboyant jokes but they aren't funny.

Don meets with Dave Wooster about a job and Dave tells him what they've been hearing about him on the street.

Sally goes to see Don at work and he's not there.

During a partners meeting, everything Roger says can be construed as a sexual harassment claim. The California and New York teams cannot get the conference call working properly.

Dawn gets back to work with Lou's perfume and he's angry at her for not being there to take care of Sally when she was in the office.

Lou is a complete asshole. 

Roger calls Pete to talk about what happened on the partners call and while Pete is talking Roger hangs up on him.

Pete wants to know why they even have a California office. What does he aspire to? Moving up to Ted's desk?

Dawn is moved away from Lou's office to the front desk.

Peggy gets angry that Shirley told her about the flowers at all.

Bertram Cooper wants Joan to move the colored girl from the front desk.

Don and Sally go to dinner on their way back to school. He tells her what happened at work. He admits he doesn't really know anything.

Joan is offered an accounts job instead of the head of personnel.

Sally and Don get it together and he pretends they're going to make a run for it instead of paying their restaurant bill.

Dawn is promoted to personnel.

Don spent Valentine's Day with the best Valentine -- Sally.

Mad Men
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Mad Men Season 7 Episode 2 Quotes

Well, the snows melted but not the hearts of New Yorkers. I just had some old lady call me a kike.


Stan: Now we all know you don't have plans for Valentine's Day.
Peggy: Oh.
Ginsberg: She has plans, just look at her calendar. Friday, February 14th. Masturbate gloomily.