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A man blows up a land-bridge pipeline in Northern Alberta, Canada. The Canadian Ambassador has a meeting with Elizabeth to discuss the situation, but she's busy dealing with a bigger threat with Iran.

Chief US Negotiator, Allen Bollings is in Vienna, Austria trying to broker peace, although he doesn't really seem to be trying too hard. Elizabeth tells him to offer to lift the ban on airplane parts provided they allow inspectors back in.

They give Iran 48 hours to shut down the nuclear reactors.

Meanwhile, the Canadian Ambassador wants Elizabeth to release the environmental report on the land-bridge pipeline her predecessor had commissioned. It was supposed to be favorable to their position. Elizabeth promises to read and release the report.

Elizabeth's family is worried about the Iran situation, but Elizabeth and Henry reassure them that the chances of a nuclear attack are low. Jason has to write a report about a family member and picks Henry over Elizabeth.

President Dalton demands Elizabeth do her job and fix the situation with Iran or he will use military force against them. Elizabeth talks to Bollings and reminds him to present their peace offering to Iran.

Elizabeth reads the pipeline report and discovers it was written by oil lobbyists. Former Secretary of State Marsh commissioned an essentially fake report. It's the report that the White House wants released.

Iran walks out of the peace talks. President Dalton is ready to send air strikes to bomb their nuclear reactor. He admits to Elizabeth that he wants energy independence to be his legacy. He agrees to give her another 24 hours before bombing Iran.

At the Canadian Embassy party, Elizabeth covertly meets with Iranian Ambassador Javani. He tells her that Mr. Bollings did not mention a peace offering, only made threats. Elizabeth gives him the offer of airplane parts with inspectors being allowed back in Iran. She says that he can tell the militants that they forced this concession from the U.S. if it will help.

Elizabeth meets with Mr. Bollings and fires him. He tells her that she and the President are weak. Marsh would have been President had he lived and he would have had her job. 

Elizabeth asks Blake to start an investigation on Nadine. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Of those 10 that came before you, how many got us into trouble, giving us something other than the facts, including leading us into war?


Elizabeth: What do you need, sir?
President Dalton: For you to fix this. Have I been unclear about that?
Chief of Staff Russell: Sir. In fairness, she inherited a lot of this, including Allen Bollings. This was Marsh's agenda.
President Dalton: Vincent Marsh is dead. When are you going to do your job?