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A man puts together a gun while listening to a news report on the radio about ISIS. Stevie asks Elizabeth how worried she should be about ISIS. Elizabeth says to let her worry about them. 


Nadine offers to help Elizabeth in her investigation on Vincent Marsh. Elizabeth asks why Vincent flew to Venezuela. Nadine doesn't know why. Elizabeth asks if it was about his planned presidential run. Nadine is shocked. She had no idea Vincent planned to run for President.


Matt, Daisy and her fiance, Win, have an uncomfortable first meeting. 


The State Department goes into lockdown when both the Iraqi Delegation and Stevie is there. Elizabeth assures the visiting Iraqi delegation everything will be fine. They start bickering amongst themselves. She speaks to them in Arabic. The translator is surprised she speaks Arabic. 


Flashback to Elizabeth with the military searching for the terrorist, Safeer. One of the innocent bystanders is the translator.


They speak privately and she firmly states that she has never been to Iraq, warning him not to ruin his career over this. Stevie interrupts to let Elizabeth know that she spoke with Henry.


Win films Matt talking about Daisy, but he's high from the gum Win gave him. Win asks him if he hooked up with Daisy. They burst out laughing. 


The Iraqi Prime Minster has arrested the former Oil Minister, a Shiite, back home. Elizabeth tells him to stop. The translator, speaking in English to Elizabeth, says the arrests will continue and she is not to interfere, otherwise he will tell everyone what she did in Iraq, starting with Stevie.


Elizabeth gets an update on the gunman. His brother was killed in Iraq and he isn't happy about the possible re-engagement in Iraq.


Matt confesses his affair with Daisy to Win. Win plans to break it off with Daisy and Matt tells him that he's crazy. 


Elizabeth tells Stevie what happened in Iraq. She couldn't get Safeer to talk so she let him be tortured.


Elizabeth tells the translator she is not his hostage. To not focus on Safeer, the mass murderer, but the other great men in his family, that is his legacy. Prime Minister releases the former Oil Minister to maintain US backing.


Win breaks up with Daisy. She wonders if she is a terrible person. Matt says he is still crazy about her. 


Stevie is going to stay with friends to clear her head. Elizabeth tells her learning who you are is part of growing up. Stevie says that is what is going to do ... grow up. 



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Daisy: What did you do?
Matt: You deserve someone who will fight for you. It can't be him.

Stevie: What did stepping it up mean?
Elizabeth: Stress positions. Physical abuse. Waterboarding. I wasn't in the room when they did it. But I knew what was happening, obviously.
Stevie: Why are you telling me this?
Elizabeth: 'Cause I have to.
Stevie: Well, I really wish you hadn't.
Elizabeth: We were at war. Changes the landscape. It forces you to face things you didn't even want to know.
Stevie: Yeah, like the fact that your mother is not the person you thought she was at all.