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We start with a flashback to former Secretary of State Vincent Marsh, prepping for a speech. Matt mentions that his stance greatly differs from the administration and if he should soften the language. Marsh wants to take a bold stance and thanks him for his discretion.

Vincent cancels his weekend getaway with Nadine. She asks if it his wife and he says no. He promises to make it up to her.

Marsh is mid-flight when the plane begins shaking. The pilot says he cannot keep the plane in the air. "So it goes" were Marsh's last words.

Henry, Elizabeth and Isabelle are investigating Marsh's crash. The NTSB said it was an accident due to a faulty R-47 jackscrew. They narrow it down to five maintenance guys who had the necessary access to sabotage the jackscrew. Isabelle agrees to investigate.

Allison has a soccer game. Henry can't go, so Elizabeth says she will instead. 

Russell Jackson asks Elizabeth why she questioned the NTSB Chair about Marsh's plane crash. Tells her not to poke her nose where it doesn't belong.

Matt meets covertly with Russell Jackson. He spied on Marsh for Jackson, but didn't agree to do so on Elizabeth. Russell continues to pressure him to be his spy with the promise of an office in the West Wing.

Isabelle clears their five suspects. Henry says someone might have sabotaged something else that would cause the R-47 jackscrew to malfunction.

Elizabeth meets with Israeli Ambassador Dori. She reminisces with him and asks him about the Dubai crash. Speaking hypothetically, she asks how someone might cause the R-47 jackscrew to fail. He answers hypothetically. She asks if anyone in the CIA was read in. He doesn't answer.

Isabelle finds the saboteur. The fueling technician, John, has a hidden account in the Caymans. Elizabeth wants to bring him in for questioning.

Isabelle meets with the fueling technician, John, under the guise of hiring him for a new job.

Elizabeth is at Allison's soccer game. During half-time, they head into a tent. She asks Allison for a favor. Elizabeth and a secret service agent swap spots. Elizabeth goes to meet with the fueling technician. Asks him if he killed Vincent Marsh.

John says he received a threatening phone call that if he didn't do what they said, they would kill his daughter. They said if he ever told anyone, they would kill his family.

Elizabeth tells him if he keeps this meeting a secret and gives Isabelle access to his computer, she will protect him and his family. He agrees. 

Matt tells Elizabeth that he used to spy on Marsh for Russell Jackson. He told Jackson that Marsh was planning to run in the next cycle against Dalton. Jackson confronted and threatened Marsh, ending their conversation with "so it goes."



Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Matt: I never agreed to spy on Secretary McCord. I won't do it.
Russell: Then think of it as keeping tabs. Come on, Matt. This is how it works. You give me something. I give you something. Don't you want an office in the West Wing?

So it goes.

Vincent Marsh