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Elizabeth is struggling after her experience in Iran, essentially suffering from PTSD.

Matt and Daisy want to prep Elizabeth for her Face the Nation appearance, but she gets upset when Daisy calls her a hero.

Elizabeth meets with Chip Harding who wants the government to back his bid to drill for oil in Ecuador. She is short with him.

Elizabeth and Henry meet with the principal of Jason's new school. She requests that one of her security detail be assigned to him. Henry disagrees but backs her after she gets upset. 

Henry interviews a bodyguard for Jason who has a military background and asks him about PTSD.

Elizabeth meets with Ecuadorian Ambassador Calderon and asks him to let the Selva region go into conservation. He declines and says they will let the Chinese drill.

Matt, Daisy and Nadine prep Elizabeth for Face the Nation. Elizabeth flashbacks to Javani's death and blanks out. Nadine suggests a break. She tells Daisy to put Elizabeth's appearance as subject to availability.

Jason is upset about his security detail. Henry tries to get Elizabeth to talk to him but she refuses.

Russell Jackson asks Elizabeth why her appearance on Face the Nation is subject to availability. She is surprised and says she will be there. 

Elizabeth meets with the Chinese Minister Chen to discuss drilling in Ecuador. She gets upset with him, begins gasping and tells Blake to call 911.

She is rushed to the hospital, but it was only a panic attack. She admits to Henry the events in Iran affected her deeply, but she's not ready to talk about it yet. He wants her to take some time off.

Russell Jackson tries to visit her at the hospital, but Henry blocks him from visiting. 

Elizabeth's team preps a statement about Elizabeth's health. Daisy uses the word exhaustion, which freaks out Mike.

Elizabeth comes back to work and has another flashback. She calls Henry, crying.

Jackson comes to Elizabeth's home. Tells her about his older brother dying in a car accident after taking him fishing. Gives her the card of someone who she can talk to and will keep her mouth shut. 

Elizabeth tells Henry that she feels responsible for the death of the men on her security detail. She also feels guilty because she wasn't able to protect Abdul from seeing his father murdered or comfort him afterwards.

Elizabeth goes on Face the Nation and is asked about what happened when Javani was killed. She answers the question readily and says the greatest responsibility of parents is to leave the world a safer and more peaceful place for their children.





Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

'Exhausted' is Washington code for complete mental freakout, you 12 year-olds.


I know. I'm all messed up. One minute I'm fine, then I'm furious, then I'm numb. The truth is I'm just not ready to talk about what happened yet.