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Elizabeth speaks at the Society for Global Aid fundraiser. Afterwards, she is ambushed by a concerned parent whose daughter is involved with the Covenant of John cult. She sent an email that indicates they are planning a mass suicide. Elizabeth promises to look into it.

Stevie is goofing around the office. Her boss seems displeased.

Elizabeth asks Henry to look into the Covenant of John. He reminds her to take her anti-anxiety medication, which she doesn't want to do, but puts the pills in her pocket. 

The US relationship with Bolivia is tense due to a botched DEA raid. Elizabeth meets with the Bolivian Minister. She needs something more than a threat of mass suicide to convince the Bolivian President to allow US intervention.

Stevie is dating her boss, Arthur. Henry and Elizabeth see him and are shocked.

Henry, Elizabeth, Arthur and Stevie have an uncomfortable drink. They don't like that Arthur is her boss and so much older than Stevie. 

Matt meets with his former classmate, Zach, who runs a popular blog. He tells Matt that he is a comic genius. Matt feels cocky about the praise, although Daisy is less impressed and Mike is angry. He reminds Matt his job is to make Elizabeth look good, not himself.

Congressman Ames ignored Elizabeth's warning to not go to Bolivia and went anyway. Now he is being held hostage by the Covenant of John. President Dalton wants the DoD to handle the situation, instead of Elizabeth. Jackson tells her to get on board. 

Elizabeth asks Henry how to avoid another Waco. He says Finch wants validity and may be looking for an out. She asks him to call Finch. 

President Dalton is less enthused with the idea. Elizabeth tells him it will project leadership. He decides instead to send Henry to Bolivia to talk to him face-to-face.

Henry arrives at the compound. Reverend Finch has changed his mind and Henry cannot enter with his back-up or wire. He agrees to the new rules and enters. 

Finch is a fan of Henry's. They debate faith and religion and Jeff, one of the followers, grows more agitated. He grabs Henry and holds a knife to him. A sniper kills him. Henry gets Finch to tell him where the Congressman is. They pray together but Christine walks in on them and sees Jeff's body.

Finch says the "time is nigh" and she shouts it. It is the signal for the mass suicide. Henry shouts his distress word, "Alamo."

The soldiers move in to try and stop people from taking the poison. Henry tries to get Finch to stop them, but he pulls out a gun. The Congressman is found and is okay. A soldier gets Henry out. 37 dead.

Elizabeth meets Henry with the rest of the survivors. Mr. Coomer anxiously awaits for his daughter, but she took the poison.

Henry tells Stevie that she needs to be her own person and not just agree with Arthur. She gets upset. 

Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Stevie: Would you guys not spycraft me before 8:00 AM?

When she hates you, it's a crisis. When she hates me, it's natural progression.
Elizabeth. I know. It's so weird.