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A black paneled van drops Henry off. He walks into a building. Elizabeth interrupts a meeting to confront Chief of Staff Jackson about re-activating Henry to the NSA. Jackson assures Elizabeth it's a one time mission.

Daisy is showing off her engagement ring. Elizabeth meets with Prime Minister Diacov. He asks for weapons, which Elizabeth cannot give at this point. She instead assigns one of her former CIA colleagues, now a State Department employee, to assist him. He goes back with the Prime Minister to Moldova.

Henry meets his target Klaus at a theology event. Talks with him about books and his chess set. 

Henry and Elizabeth can't talk about their work with each other, which makes them both uncomfortable. 

Prime Minister Diacov's plane is missing. Everyone is presumed dead.

Henry meets with his handler. She is not happy because he did not get an invite to Klaus's home where he needs to plant a bug. 

Elizabeth speaks with the NTSB Chairman who says the plane was not shot down. She requests more drones to find the wreckage.

Klaus visits Henry to bring him a book. Invites him to his house for dinner.

Elizabeth has lunch with her two former CIA colleagues and friends. Tells them about Marsh and her suspicions that he was murdered, along with George. 

NTSB Chairman tells Elizabeth they found the plane ... in Russia. They believe the co-pilot killed the pilot and flew the plane there. 

Klaus and Henry play chess. Klaus does not realize the chess piece that Henry swapped with the bug is heavier to his relief.

Elizabeth supports military action to retrieve the Prime Minister and Jim. They form a plan but need to make sure he's not on base during the attack. Elizabeth has a plan.

Henry meets with his handler who says his job is over. But Henry doesn't want to leave the job with the risk of sarin gas in play. His handler reminds him that if he stays on, he cannot tell anything to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth has a video conference with the General. Meanwhile a Seal team enters the base in a white Rolls Royce escorted by several black SUVs filled with Seals. They retake the base. The Prime Minister is dead but they find Jim badly beaten but alive. The Seals destroy the air base.

The general loses power with the loss of his air force. Nadine tells Daisy and Matt to keep their personal stuff out of the office. She takes them to witness Jim's homecoming.

Elizabeth asks Henry if his job with the NSA is over and he lies and says yes. Elizabeth's friend, Isabelle, tells her that she is in and will help found out who murdered George. 


Madam Secretary
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Madam Secretary Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Elizabeth: So what really happened today?
Henry: I can't talk about it.
Elizabeth: Really?
Henry: Really. How about you?
Elizabeth: Same. Can I say that I'll be glad when this is over?

Henry: I thought you were going to tape something to my chest.
Tech: We haven't done that since the 80's.